My Story

Hi! I’m Kirsty, a 34 year old English lass living in Scotland with my husband and our 2 cats.

I started my Slimming World journey on 5th January 2015 with 10 stone 5lb to lose.

In 2015 I lost 3 stone 12lb but unfortunately at the end of the year i gained 18lb. (Yes 18!! lol)

In 2016 i lost/gained/lost/gained.. i ended the year on 4 stone 5lb lost.

But after a 4 week holiday i gained 15lb 🙁

I started back on Slimming world 16th January and I will do what i can to get back on track. I don’t claim to be perfect, and I know this weight loss will be slow and gradual.. I am happy with that as long as one day I get to my goal 🙂 I enjoy food so I don’t intend on starving myself doing some fad diet only to put it back on again.

My relationship with Slimming World is very up and down. Some months I will be 100% on plan and do lose weight but then suddenly I will just lose interest and think maybe its not teaching me about calories etc. But I always go back to it because at the end of the day I lose weight when I am on plan. I just think sometimes I become bored and need a change.

My main problem is that my husband and I travel a lot (mainly on a cruise ship) and this never helps with weight loss! For every lb I lose I put two back on when we are on holiday.

The best thing for me was in 2016 when we went to Florida and I rode my first roller coaster in 20 years! Not only did I fit into the seat but I remembered how much I used to love theme parks! Also not needing a seat belt extension on flights anymore is amazing 🙂

I started this blog mainly to tell the world about my weight loss journey and struggles. Also to motivate and support Slimming World followers who don’t/can’t attend a group. To show that you can follow Slimming World at home alone. Even if I am not on plan myself I like to help people who are and I hope my recipes and lists do that.

I am not a Slimming World Consultant.. all of the syns and information on this website is calculated by myself and not taken from any Slimming World source.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any advice or just fancy a chat.

Loadsa love

Kirsty xxx


  1. Kirsty, just wanted to say hi and that I’ve just discovered your blog. Well done on your loss and for this website. I’ll keep on reading 🙂

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