My Story

WEDDINGHi! I’m Kirsty, a 34 year old English lass living in Scotland with my husband and our 2 cats.

I started my Slimming World journey on 5th January 2015 with 10 stone 5lb to lose.

In 2015 I lost 3 stone 12lb but unfortunately at the end of the year i gained 18lb. (Yes 18!! lol)

In 2016 i lost/gained/lost/gained.. i ended the year on 4 stone 5lb lost.

But after a 4 week holiday i gained 15lb 🙁

I am starting back on Slimming world 16th January and I will do what i can to get back on track. I don’t claim to be perfect, and I know this weight loss will be slow and gradual.. I am happy with that as long as one day I get to my goal 🙂 I enjoy food so I don’t intend on starving myself doing some fad diet only to put it back on again. Slimming World is teaching me to make important choices. My husband and I travel a lot so that really does hinder my weight loss. But as long as I always get back on it I know I will get there in the end.

The best thing for me was in 2016 when we went to Florida and I rode my first rollercoaster in 20 years! Not only did I fit into the seat but I remembered how much I used to love theme parks! Also not needing a seatbelt extension on flights anymore is amazing 🙂

I have many hobbies and interests, including penpalling, reading, travelling and boxset binging lol. Oh and I am a HUGE Apple geek!

I started this blog mainly to tell the world about my weight loss journey and struggles. Also to motivate and support Slimming World followers who don’t/can’t attend a group. To show that you can follow Slimming World at home alone.

Loadsa love

Kirsty xxx