Weight Loss Progress

I started my Slimming World journey in January 2015 with 10 stone 5lb to lose. I am no where near perfect and no where near my goal but slow and steady wins the race 🙂

Total lost: 4 Stone 5lb

Starting weight photos:



At 3 stone 9lb lighter, May 2016

June 2016:












September 2016:











October 2016:












  1. Great web page! I am only 3 weeks into slimming work 3.5lb loss really hoping for more but I am not planning my meals well as I get home late from work and the gym… I would have thought the gym would help but the weight is not moving as fast as I would like. Any simple tips to get it melting off? KT xoxo

    1. Hey Katie thanks for the support 🙂
      Don’t forget working out builds muscle 🙂 Try measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself… you will noice the difference I promise xx

  2. Hi Kirsty, I’m certain you’ve received numerous compliments on your transformation, your page and the amount of dedication you’ve put into this page. Thanks for your page and the fabulous words of advice and the syns page and all the receipes. Gosh it’s hard for me to imagine. I’m only a recent attendee into the Slimming world page – I’m 54 and I’ve got to lose the weight so it will help my osteoarthritis in my knees….I love chocolate, indian food and cakes….I’m hoping to shed at least 5st by 30 Dec 2018….please keep posting and encouraging people like me….you’re great and an amazing inspiration.

  3. Well done !!!! Kirsty, I cant believe how much you have achieved, I think it brilliant, I am a woman of 50 who would love to lose weight to feel better and look better, I am going to tell all my friends about your fab website, and I am going to use it to keep me motivated …..Pam

  4. Well Done .. find this site so helpful and useful
    Thanks for putting the time and effort in to help us on our sw journey x

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