Weight loss progress and a holiday thrown in..











Hey all.. sorry I have not been about for a while.. I have been really busy with our holiday and my mum’s wedding.

On the 24th April my mum finally married her lovely man of 15 years (they have only been engaged for 5!!!). It was an amazing day and it was followed quite nicely by the four of us jumping on a rather nice boat called “The explorer of the seas” for 10 days for a good old sail around the Canary islands.

During the 10 days of eating every single thing in sight I put on 10lb… yes 10! I went to the gym almost everyday too so i hate to think what it would of been if I hadn’t of! But I literally lost 9lb in the week following the cruise so i think most of it was water..

Anyway I am all back on track now and my current weight loss is now 2 stone and 10lb! I am so close to that 3 stone award I can almost smell it!! I am already checking out what Hello kitty plush i can going to treat myself with when i reach it.

This morning i had a bit of a double take in the mirror.. I can really see my weight loss now 🙂 So thought I would share with you guys too!

Be good and have fun

Loadsa love Kirsty xx

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My Monday morning weigh in… Happy results…

My weight loss plaque (click the pic for ebay link)

Well, once again it’s Monday morning. How fast do they come around? Not that I will them to come around any quicker or anything!

I am very pleased with the results though as I have finally received my 2 stone award!!!

Loss this week: – 2lb

Total loss since 5th January 2015 is now 2 stone and 1lb (around 13.1kg)

My experience with Slimming world so far has been fantastic. Since I was 13 I have been overweight (chubby, fat, whatever you want to call it…) and I have tried so many diets. Weight watchers was “okay” I lost a little bit but I was definitely hungry most of the time and I put the weight straight back on.. Lighter Life… well I lasted one week and slim fast probably even less.

I have a huge appetite for food.. and unless I can continue to eat a decent amount of food and not feel like I am deprived I was never going to lose weight. That is why Slimming World has been perfect for me. I can eat most of the same meals I used to eat before just making a few changes to them and of course less takeaways/meals out/snacks etc. 2

I am actually pretty proud of myself that I haven’t gone off of plan when being at home.. I haven’t had a single takeaway or binged on anything I shouldn’t have had. The only time I went off of plan was 3 days on holiday when I had some naughty cheesecake and a burger. But I literally put 2lb on.. I came home.. took the loss and within a week it was gone again. As long as I stay on track and make myself go straight back on plan after a naughty few days then I will always succeed!!

After starting the plan in January I was then diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.. thankfully it was only just over the “normal” sugar level.. but still it was diabetes and if I hadn’t of been doing something about it then I would of carried on and ended up with goodness knows what problems.

My mini goals are

  • 3 stone before our cruise on 24th April
  • 4 stone before my girly holiday with my best friend Nikki on 7th July
  • 5 stone before 1st August
  • 6 stone before Christmas

My overall goal is 10 stone 5lb which will get my BMI in to a healthy range!!

All completely achievable with hard work 🙂

My 2 stone reward “Hello Kitty Liberty”

I know a lot of people who reward themselves for each stone lost and I of course wanted to join them in this fab reward scheme lol! I am absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty so I am having a beanie plush for every stone lost! This stone is Hello Kitty Liberty 🙂

But for now I will take my amazing 2 stone loss and keep smiling (and hey my leggings are a little loose today.. that can only be a good thing right?)

Here’s to next Monday.. 3lb would be nice.. fingers and toes firmly crossed of course.


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