Hello.. I am still here :P

I have been rather quiet lately other than the odd recipe.. Life has been a bit crazy since February.

We had our kitchen refitted which brought its own stress and problems.. especially with sticking to the plan. I managed to gain weight over a month of eating out and takeaways due to having no kitchen and then having some visitors too.

In March i had my 6 monthly check with the diabetic nurse and was given the most amazing news that i am no longer classed as having diabetes πŸ™‚ My weight loss and lifestyle change has cured me of it along with an amazing kidney function! I could have literally danced around the room..

In April we had an awesome trip down to the Lake District for hubbys birthday and when we returned from that i felt sooooo bloated and awful about myself that i finally joined the gym. I had been saying since Christmas i was going to join! But finally i took the plunge. I have been really enjoying working out most days.. pushing myself harder each time and building up some muscle too. I’ve been looking in to theΒ link between creatine and muscle growth and it is fascinating.Β  Some days it is hard to get motivated to go.. especially if it is cold or raining (living in Scotland this is a regular occurrence) but once i am there i can usually motivate myself with some good music.

To anyone who is embarrassed to go to the gym because of their size.. please don’t be. My gym is full of people in a range of sizes/ages etc.. If anyone laughs or judges you than they are absolute idiots! Who on earth would judge an overweight person showing they are working hard to do something about it? I personally am more embarrassed sitting in Mdconalds stuffing a huge burger in my gob than going to the gym showing i am trying πŸ™‚

So yes.. i am here.. still working towards my goal no matter how long it takes me.. I am proud of how far i have come and I will get there one day πŸ™‚


Be good and stay motivated


Kirsty xx


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