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Hi there, Thank you for stopping by! I’m the face of I am 35 year old English lass living in Scotland with my husband and our 2 cats.

My tipping point was in January of 2015 when I was told by the doctor that I was pre diabetic! I remember sitting in the surgery trying to hold back the tears.. disgusted with myself that I had abused my body so badly. I had no respect for myself whatsoever. I was eating junk food, drinking too much on nights out and getting little or no exercise! I looked back on my wedding photos and was so ashamed that I knew I had to do something before it was too late.

Slimming World:

On 5th January 2015 with 10 stone 5lb to lose I began following the SW plan.
I was amazed at how much I could eat and how the weight seemed to drop off so quickly. I lost 3 stone 12lb in a year which may not sound a lot compared to other people’s stories but I was really proud of myself.
In 2016 I lost a further 8lb.. with gains and losses along the way.
2017 I gained 2 stone and then lost a stone. 2018 I was holding on by a thread.. 2019 I managed to get to my 5 stone award finally.. but after 2 cruises I gained a stone again. But I am still always managing to maintain my 4.5 Stone weight loss… I seem to have this wall I hit that stops me losing more than 5 stone!! BUT I am here and still trying.

I have never attended a group.. I have always followed the plan online. I find the support I get through my blog and Instagram is enough to keep me motivated. I also don’t like to pay someone else to tell me I am losing weight each week. BUT everyone is different… just because group isn’t for me doesn’t mean it’s not for you. I would ALWAYS recommend joining and at least going to a few sessions to get all of the correct information and find out how the plan works.

How my life has changed: The best thing for me was in 2016 when we went to Florida and I rode my first roller coaster in 20 years! Not only did I fit into the seat but I remembered how much I used to love theme parks! Also not needing a seat belt extension on flights anymore is amazing 🙂

I am currently in 2019 and we are visiting Florida again for the third time and I am desperately trying to shed the pounds!

This blog: I love to help and support other SlimmingWorlders.. this blog is a source of information for people following the Slimming World plan. This website is not to use instead of joining Slimming World.

Please remember that I dedicate many hours of my time to this blog so please do not use my photos or content without permission.

I am not a trained chef but I do love to cook and create new recipes. I just hope you guys enjoy trying my recipes as much as I enjoy creating them.

This is where the magic happens 🙂 I adore my kitchen.. Although I don’t so much enjoy cleaning it afterwards lol.

I laughed with my husband today that I seem to get more emails regarding where I got my Tea, Coffee and Sugar Stacker then I do weight loss related haha! Anyway it was from Dunelm back in 2016 but surprisingly they still sell it here.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any advice or just fancy a chat. But please remember that I am not here to give out Syn values. I receive 100s of emails per week asking if I know the Syn value of this or that.. Please sign up to SW to use their official Syn database.

Loadsa love

Fatgirlskinny xxx


  1. Kirsty, just wanted to say hi and that I’ve just discovered your blog. Well done on your loss and for this website. I’ll keep on reading 🙂

  2. Hi Kirsty, wow you’ve done so well even with the hiccup like you I have about 10 stone to lose, your blog will become my bible me thinks, as I do like to eat out and socialise and have always found it difficult and end up loosing faith and go back to my bad habits. Sam x

  3. Only just discovered your blog and what an inspiration it is. I’ll be following it from now on. I too am a slimming world member and absolutely love the fact that I can still eat my favourite foods. I’ve actually enjoyed making my own versions of some childhood classics such as cottage pie and mum’s burgers. Looking forward to trying a few of your recipes as well.
    Sara x

  4. I joined SW almost a year ago, weighing 12st 7 and lost 1st 9 by february 2017 . Over the past 6 mnths i have piled back on all the weight that i lost, partly due to a breakdown and the drugs that has involved. However i have rejoined SW online and am raring to go. I hadn’t seen your blog before , but it looks extremely useful and right up my street – i am always inventing syn free versions of my favourites ! Thank you and keep up the good work !

  5. Hi Kirsty,
    I have been off and on Slimming world for two and half years, lost 6 stone in the first year, put on two and now I’m back on it.
    You’re blog is like my bible and I share it with everyone I know on a slimming world journey.
    I need the inspiration at the moment as I’m starting to really hate myself and I don’t want to be back where I started.
    Thanks for all the uplifting posts and recipes.

  6. I’m so glad I have discovered your page, its brilliant! I have always followed slimming world but recently found myself in a rut and joined weight watchers. Its good but I find myself hungry a LOT of the time so I am switching back to slimming world- like you say it works! Cat x

  7. What a great site. Really really helpful. Thank you for all the trouble you’ve gone to in putting it together. Will be visiting again. ?

  8. hey!! I joing Slimming world Recently- started at 15 stone and 11 pounds!! lost nearly a stone in 6 weeks, whats your best tips and tricks! also whats your current progress looking like 🙂


  9. I have just come across your blog and it looks great – so much detail and content! I’ve subscribed and now follow in Instagram – will definitely be using this as a tool in my 2018 weight loss journey! Well done and keep up the good work! ???

  10. I’ve just found your blog and it’s already my favourite! I joined sw yesterday and am looking for inspiration and your blog does not disappoint! Wishing all the best ? x

  11. Just discovered your lovely blog. Well done on creating this! I’m haven’t been doing particularly well on SW this last year but since the New HYear I’m determined. Got 4 stone to lose so here we go xx

  12. Hi Kirsty, you are an inspiration and your page is fantastic! I’m so glad I found it and I can’t wait to try the recipes. Thank you ? x

  13. Thanks Kirsty I feel like I need some support as desperate to lose weight after havng my 2 baby girls quite quickly in the last 2 half years! I’ll keep reading. P.s love ur kitchen! X

  14. I’ve just come across your site and just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are. I am just starting Slimming World and your recipes and tips are fantastic, also your kitchen is beautiful! xx

  15. Hi, just want to say I love your blog it’s so helpful when trying to find Syns! Thankyou so much and enjoy your journey xxx

  16. Hi Kirsty, stumbled across you whilst looking for SW inspiration. Ive done SW in the past with real success and like you I try other diets but always come back to SW. My goal is to lose 3 stone.

  17. Hi Kirsty, I came across your site looking for SW recipes. You have some great recipes on your site, really great to find them and to see how you’re progressing with your weight loss journey. My goal is to lose 4 stone and a bit. Nice to meet you xxx

  18. Hi Kirsty,

    I’ve loved reading your recipes and tips so far. Only new to SW so am finding it all so useful.

    Presume the syns are up to date?

    Can’t wait to try some recipes.

    4 stone to lose.

    Karen x

  19. Thank you for adding me.I did lose three and a half stone and I have put most of it on due to stress(gutted that I have turned to food for comfort). Trying to get back on track

  20. Hi Kirsty just came across your blog. I joined slimming world yesterday & I’m really trying to get my head round the plan. Look forward to reading more & seeing how everyone gets on..

  21. Hi there you have inspired me through your journey and I am hoping to shift some weight and with your recipes and product news I’m feeling positive thanks

  22. Hello,
    I just want to say how useful and great this blog/website is. I have found great inspiration from your recipes and shopping list and adore your pick of the week, this really helps.

  23. I was just going to ask about the Tea, Coffee, Sugar Stack haha!! I have just stumbled across your site looking for Syns in Maccie Ds as my girls want tea there tonight and I want to stay on track and use my whole syn in there tonight lol.. I have 15 so think I will have a Kids Nugget Happy meal with Fruit yay.. Love your Kitchen by the way 🙂 x

  24. Hi Kristy , I’ve just found your blog . I joined slimming world on Monday ( 7/5/18) I am already enjoying some of your recipes and reading about your weight loss .. I just need to figure out how to save your blog to my phone ..I’m so bad with technology

  25. Hi Kirsty!

    Found my way to your blog even though I’m doing 5:2 and not slimming world. As it happens, quite a few of the slimming world meals are 5:2 quite 5:2 friendly if you get your portion size right. Going to have a good look around your site. Great that you’ve kept it going for so long!


    Rachael (Rotherham)

  26. Hi Kirsty, firstly well done! I am a SW online member as i find getting to class difficult sometimes! Anyway, I discovered you when i Googled syn free nandos peri peri chicken and your recipe looks fab. I’m going to try it in the slow cooker and wondered if i have to add any water? Thanks , Lisa x

    1. Hi there Lisa

      Thanks for the message and kind comments 🙂
      You just need to follow the recipe exact

      thanks so much

  27. It’s taken me my whole adult life (I’m 49 this year lol) to finally get to my happy weight. Never give up on achieving your dreams whatever they are. ? x

  28. Hi Lisa

    Well done on sticking with it and being so honest… Love your recipes and inspiration, its so hard to keep going sometimes but willpower and determination wins… Keep up the good work. -: Originally from Uk now living in Ireland

    I gave up smoking 3 years ago so i have gone from not eating to over eating now, so finding your site is a brilliant (kick in the a… i need)

  29. hi
    need to loose half a stone to be in a comfortable zone
    not happening aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
    any tips …i know the closer to target the harder …but seriously this is becoming life consuming

  30. Hi Kirsty, how I’ve only just come across your blog is beyond me – I must have been living under an online rock or something!!
    Like you, I had an awful lot of weight to lose – 14. 5st to be precise – which seemed like a monumental task when I started. I joined a SW group and between April 2016 and February 2018, I lost 9st. I felt great, looked great but for the rest of 2018, proceeded to sabotage myself and gain 2.5st back. I recently rejoined my group about a month ago and feel I have a little renewed optimism, especially after reading your blog and hearing about your up and down experiences. It’s reassuring to know someone else has been through/is going through the same thing and it’s given me that kick up the bum I need to keep going. Thank you. I needed to read this today xx

  31. Hello Kirsty, Thank you for the recipes, I have to admit I have never read your blog before, enjoyed reading, well done for what you have acheived, it all takes time and thought, also getting your head around everything. I have been doing SW since Oct 2016, starting at 11st.4 aimed to lose 2st, couldn’t stop losing, got to 3st, and I now seem to keep in control, waivering between 8st10 & 8st4. I feel much better more energy. And enjoy going clothes shopping now. I find puddings and cake hard, just adore custard and all the (what I call the old fashioned puddings) I do have a treat now and then. Unless you have any recipes that are not high in syns ?. Keep posting, Happy New Year

  32. hey i have just decieded to start sw but not going to go to a group, i have put two stone on since i got with my boyfriend 4 years ago and just want to fit in my clothes again, your website looks amazing and so does your kitchen 😀 xxx

  33. Hi Kirsty.
    I have just discovered your blog as I find myself in dire need of support and inspiration! I have been a sw member 2-3 times before over the years, always doing it with a group and my mum. Each time I would lose enough just to be fairly happy but never got to target before I thought “ hey I know what to do, I don’t need to go anymore I can just carry on on my own and it will be fine”. But surprise surprise it wasn’t fine and especially after falling pregnant with my little boy (now 3 years old), I piled the weight back on. I am now at my heaviest ever – 15st and have rejoined sw, doing online like yourself as working shifts and having a toddler I would find it difficult to commit to a group.

    Thank you so much for deciding to do this blog, so we can all try to help and support each other. I will be a regular visitor and look forward to sharing this journey with you!
    Jemma (Birmingham, UK).

  34. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful info. I am Irish living in San Francisco and while we don’t have SW here I find this just as good. I love reading and getting inspiration from your story and your recipes. -Martina

  35. Hi Kirsty ,I live in Malta and we do not have slimming world ,but I started doing it since 1995 , and always loved doing it thank you for this website ,and I ,too find it difficult the last few ,Kilos .

  36. Hi Kirsty, you are an inspiration and your page is fantastic! I’m so glad I found it and I can’t wait to try the recipes. Thank you x

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