Why I love Lanzarote & why I wake up everyday wondering why I am not still living there…

It’s May 2009, I am on the Thomson holidays website.. Looking for some sun.. holidays are cheap because of the recession.. we book a one week holiday for 2 including flights for about £300 leaving in 2 weeks! My now husband and I have the most amazing week.. we arrive back in England depressed and I am back on the Thomson website booking 2 weeks for only £100 more leaving in 6 weeks time… The addiction begins….

For those of you who don’t know where Lanzarote is.. it’s a beautiful volcanic island off of the coast of Africa belonging to Spain. It’s one of six islands that make up the sunny hot Canary islands. I often hear the island be refereed to as “Lanza-grotty”.. this really gets to me because i bet most of the people making that comment haven’t truly experienced its beauty. They probably got a package holiday.. went straight from the airport to the hotel and sat by the pool all week! Unless you get a hire car and do a bit of exploring you will never see its true beauty.

In 2010 we took another 2 week holiday there to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday.. we were sat on our apartment balcony one evening and both looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same thing… why on earth don’t we live here?

It really wasn’t a tough decision at all.. and in January 2011 we made the move to Playa Blanca on the island. We rented the most beautiful villa with private pool and enjoyed a very chilled out life. But unfortunately it just was not meant to be.. during our 18 months there we had many issues.. for example my lovely grandad having a stroke, and also i was rushed into hospital with gallstones.. we felt very isolated out there without our family around us so in July 2012 we moved back to cold depressing England.

But despite not living there any more, we both still adore the island and it will always be like a second home to us. We have holidayed out there many times since returning and will do again this year… we will never rule out moving back or buying a holiday home out there. But now I will deal with the cold and rain of Scotland but at least we have our family nearby and that is the most important thing 🙂


  1. Hi there,

    I’ve just been nosying on your blog (I found it whilst on the search for some Slimming World blogs) when I came across the Lanzarote Category. I went to Playa Blanca around this time last year and I absolutely loved it! I agree – Lanzarote seems to touch a nerve with some people but I think it is beautiful there – the people, the beaches, the mountains and the cocktails!

  2. Absolutely love Lanzarote, have only ever stayed in Costa Teguise, but the island does have a kind of magic that keeps one wanting to go back!!

  3. We have been to Lanzarote for the last 10 years,just love the island and people so relaxing, you can do as much as you want or as little

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