How Many Syns Are You Allowed Per Day On Slimming World?

How many Syns are you allowed per day on Slimming World? So…you have joined Slimming World and all you have heard is Syn this and Syn that but you have no idea how many you should actually be eating per day. Read our unofficial guide on how many Syns you should be devouring per day here.

What is a Syn?

Syns are what Slimming World calls its higher calorie and less nutrient-dense foods. Treat foods such as crisps, alcohol, chocolate, sweets etc would be classed as Syns. Every food with a high calorie/fat intake will have a Syn value which you will need to keep track of each day.

How many Syns can I eat per day?

Most people when joining Slimming World are allocated 15 Syns per day and this is a safe number to stick to.

However allowances can change for other varying reasons: 

  • Gender: Women are generally given less Syns than a man. Men can be allocated 20 – 25 Syns depending on their weight loss goal.
  • Starting weight: If you’re 16 stone or under your allocation will generally be 15 Syns. But if your weight is higher say over 16 stone your allowance would generally be 20 Syns per day.  Over 20 stone as a starting weight would get you 25 – 30 Syns depending on your gender.

The only way to find out your exact Syn allocation is to join Slimming World. But hopefully this guide will give you an idea if you are a little bit confused.