How Does Slimming World Work | The Basics

Have you ever wondered how the Slimming World diet works?

I have been following food optimising with Slimming World for over 5 years now and I have had great success. The reason it works so well for me is because it does not eliminate any foods from my life.. I can eat so much food and the weight still falls off. If I fancy a naughty treat or a glass of wine I can still have it as long as I use my daily Syn allowance.

A lot of you may remember the Red and Green days.. but they are long gone (even though I do still know a lot of people who do use that theory and still lose weight).

The idea of this page is to review Slimming World in order to find out if this is “meant for you”.. I always HIGHLY recommend joining Slimming World itself. Going it alone does not always work as you will not know the basics of the plan and also will never know if you are doing something wrong. Please visit Slimming World here to join.


The plan is made up of 5 parts

  • Free Foods (These will be the staple foods of your diet)
  • Speed Foods (These help to accelerate your weight loss)
  • 2 x Healthy Extra A’s (This is your daily dairy allowance)
  • 1 x Healthy Extra B (This is your daily fibre allowance)
  • Syns (This is your naughty allowance)


These are your saviours.. Almost all fruits and vegetables will be super free. Fill up your plate with as much of this as possible.. at least 1/3 of the plate should be full to the brim of fresh fruit and veg. Also use these for snacking when you feel hunger.

I always have plenty of carrot sticks, raspberries etc in the fridge.

Check out my list of Speed Foods here.


Free foods should make up the bulk of your diet. Try to eat free foods before you eat Syns. Rice, pasta, vegetables, most fruit. potatoes, lean meat are all classed as free foods. Use these to create your meals to ensure you are full. These will stop you from feeling hungry. There is no limit to the amount you can eat but the general rule is “eat until you are full”.

Check out my list of Freed Foods here.


You must eat TWO portions of Healthy Extra A per day.

This gives you the milk allowance to use on cereal, tea, coffee etc.. or some cheese for those cheese lovers out there. Just remember ALWAYS weigh your healthy extra portions! It is so easy to get lazy and end up overeating without even realising.

Check out my list of Healthy Extra A here.


Your must eat ONE portion of Healthy Extra B per day.

This usually includes 1 or 2 slices of bread from a particular load, a particular portion of cereal.. perfect to use for breakfast or lunch. This is probably the bit i find the hardest because i love my bread! Just remember to ALWAYS weight your healthy extra portions! It is so easy to get lazy and end up overeating without even realising.

Check out my list of Healthy Extra B here.


Each day you are allowed a certain number of Syns per day. Everything that isn’t included in the “free food” section has a syn value. Use this to treat yourself..I have a syn tin in my house full of little treats. Or use it on a glass of red wine, vodka, cocktail with the girls 🙂  Please note Syns are based on your weight, height and sex. To find out the total number of Syns you may consume per day and more details please join the Slimming World plan.

If you struggle knowing your portions of speed foods, free foods etc I highly recommend ordering a Slimming World Portion control plate. They are brilliant at controlling how much you put on your plate. Click here to find out more.

Please remember, I am not a Slimming World consultant so I recommend joining slimming world here. This page is not made for you to skip joining Slimming World. I am still a member of SW myself and I highly recommend continuing as things change so often and you always need the support. All of the important necessary information for following the plan is not on this website.. this website is just a reference for paid members of SW.


  1. Many years ago I lost a lot of weight using Slimmming World red and green days and it suited my lifestyle. Do you support this method if weight loss still and are there still books available for it please.

    1. There are still a lot of people who follow this method. I don’t myself.
      I do believe eBay occasionally have the books x

  2. Hi just discovered your website….fantastic I love it! I still havent read my book after 3 weeks and Im vegan. Had to contact SW as there were no 7 day vegan meal plans.
    Im in menopause with a weird appetite. I like small meals and dont eat a lot of veg even as a vegan. Bread is my fav and I struggle to plan for meals.
    Im hoping this site gives me the kick up the butt I need but it would be nice to add vegan options instead of only vegetarian

  3. I keep reading different things about the extra healthy a and b! Has it changed…some say two from A and one from b, others say the other way round ???
    Many thanks

  4. Love Reading your blogs and food diary’s. Really helps me, I’ve lost 2st so far hoping to loose another 2! With your helpful website it’s alot easier ❤️ much love!

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