The Co-Operative Food Slimming World Shopping Guide

This list was last updated on 25th March 2017. Always check with the official Slimming World list for accuracy.

Free Foods

Co-operative Loved by us red salmon, canned – Syn Free
Co-operative whole foods quinoa, dried – Syn Free
Co-operative beef joint in gravy, frozen – Syn Free
Co-operative beef slices in gravy, frozen – Syn Free
Co-operative pastrami slices – Syn Free
Co-operative mini ham joint, honey roast – Syn Free
Co-operative white rice steamer, frozen 200g sachet – Syn Free
Co-operative corn on the cob, frozen 4 pack – Syn Free
Co-operative thai jasmine rice, dried – Syn Free
Co-operative simply value instant mashed potato (dried) – Syn Free

Low Syn

Co-operative thai Prawn & Salmon Fishcakes – 3.5 Syns each
Co-operative spaghetti bolognese, frozen 400g pack – 3.5 Syns
Co-operative simply value oven chips, frozen per 100g – 2 Syns
Co-operative good life hake provencal, frozen – 1 Syn per pack
Co-operative crinkle cut oven chips – 100g baked – 2 Syns
Co-operative steak cut oven chips – 100g frozen – 2.5 Syns
Co-operative healthy Living oven chips, 100g frozen 1.5 Syns
Co-operative fish cakes, frozen 10 pack – 1 Syn each
Co-operative liver and bacon with mashed potato, 400g pack frozen – 2 .5 Syns
Co-operative crayfish salad with rice, chilled – 3 Syns
Co-operative sweet and sour chicken with rice, frozen, per 400g pack – 2.5 Syns
Co-operative beetroot salad – 1.5 Syns per 100G
Co-operative italian pasta salad, 250G Pack – 1.5 Syns
Co-operative loved by us prawn layered salad – 3 Syns
Co-operative good life tuna layered pasta salad – 2 Syns
Co-operative good life sweet chilli chicken noodle salad – 2.5 Syns
Co-operative moroccan style couscous – 1.5 Syns
Co-operative tomato and Mediterranean herb couscous – 1 Syn 
Co-operative truly irresistible moroccan couscous – 2.5 Syns per 100g
Co-operative cauliflower cheese, frozen, 350g pack – 4.5 Syns
Co-operative beef casserole, 392g canned – 3.5 Syns
Co-operative roast beef dinner, frozen, per pack – 7.5 Syns
Co-operative truly irresistible salmon in white wine sauce, half pack – 3.5 Syns
Co-operative salmon fillets with a chilli, ginger and lime infusion –  0.5 Syns each
Co-operative spicy chicken pasta salad (100g) – 2.5 Syns
Co-operative sweet and sour chicken – 350g pack – 6.5 Syns
Co-operative Thai Green chicken curry, 340g pack – 7 Syns
Co-operative BBQ chicken kebabs – 1 Syn per kebab

Healthy Extra A Options

Co-operative loved by us UHT whole milk – 175ml

Healthy Extra B Options

Co-operative wholemeal tin loaf – 50G Slice
Co-operative loved by us wholemeal farmhouse bread –  1 medium slice
Co-operativetruly irresistible wholemeal seeded batch bread –  1 slice
Co-operative chunky chilli beef meal soup
Co-operative loved by us vegetable soup – 400g can