Hi, I’m Kirsty, web designer, author and recipe developer here at Fatgirlskinny.net.

I am obsessed with all things food, sadly this is probably the reason I got to my heaviest weight in 2015 and I realised something had to change. 

Slimming World was a long overdue change for me when I joined in January 2015. During my 30 something years I have tried (and failed) at many diets and crazy weight loss plans. Any weight lost was always gained again with more added on top…. But for me Slimming World was a change of lifestyle rather than a diet plan and it helped me to lose over 4 stone. There is no calorie counting, nothing is out of bounds and there are unlimited recipes to be created or the naughty ones can be adapted to suit. 

I am a mum of 2 boys and you would think running around after them would keep me trim. But with children come bad habits! Trips to McDonalds, a sneaky fish finger whilst cooking their tea, finishing their meals for them! 
During Covid-19 lock down (2020 – 2022) I am sad to admit I have gained over half of the weight I lost previously. So the struggle really is real! 

I am not here to tell you how easy it is, because it isn’t! I am just here to share my struggle, help others if I can and share some yummy recipes. You will find that most of my recipes are suited to the Slimming World plan. But with calorie content being important when following other plans the recipes can also be perfect for Weight watchers, Slim fast follows etc etc.

Whatever journey you are on I wish you luck and I hope you enjoy following my journey too. 


Kirsty x


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22 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    Great web page! I am only 3 weeks into slimming work 3.5lb loss really hoping for more but I am not planning my meals well as I get home late from work and the gym… I would have thought the gym would help but the weight is not moving as fast as I would like. Any simple tips to get it melting off? KT xoxo

    • Kirsty says:

      Hey Katie thanks for the support 🙂
      Don’t forget working out builds muscle 🙂 Try measuring yourself instead of weighing yourself… you will noice the difference I promise xx

  2. renuka ernst says:

    Hi Kirsty, I’m certain you’ve received numerous compliments on your transformation, your page and the amount of dedication you’ve put into this page. Thanks for your page and the fabulous words of advice and the syns page and all the receipes. Gosh it’s hard for me to imagine. I’m only a recent attendee into the Slimming world page – I’m 54 and I’ve got to lose the weight so it will help my osteoarthritis in my knees….I love chocolate, indian food and cakes….I’m hoping to shed at least 5st by 30 Dec 2018….please keep posting and encouraging people like me….you’re great and an amazing inspiration.

  3. pam Clinton says:

    Well done !!!! Kirsty, I cant believe how much you have achieved, I think it brilliant, I am a woman of 50 who would love to lose weight to feel better and look better, I am going to tell all my friends about your fab website, and I am going to use it to keep me motivated …..Pam

  4. Carla says:

    Well Done .. find this site so helpful and useful
    Thanks for putting the time and effort in to help us on our sw journey x

  5. Marion says:

    Dear Kirsty, came across this amazing site looking for syn values for my naughty drawer?? I do hope you are continuing your journey as you look fab girl!! I’m an old bird and just can’t give up my treats ?

  6. Stacey Bragg says:

    I love this, I’ve done slimming world so many times! total loss now of 8.5 stone… since leaving as i moved i have gained almost 2 stone because im a nurse so work horrible hours, i live with my boyfriend so got comfortable and we’ve just gone through the trauma of losing our first unborn baby. Im ready to get on the SW wagon… i live off werthers original to get me through the day! are they still 1 syn each?

    I promise to update with my journey start weight 252 lbs (18 stone) 15/05/2018. Aim to be 1 stone lighter by my birthday! 19 days …

  7. Emma says:

    My lovely lovely lovely lady !!! I have also just started SlimmingWorld- and I can believe how fantastic this website is , to have what is SlimmingWorld friendly in every shop in one site is absolutely fantastic and lifesaving I have been coming to this more then the SlimmingWorld website , I’m going to mention it in group this week — your doing fantastic thank you so much for this !! Best of luck xxx ps ur gorgeous xx

  8. Maxine says:

    LUV LUV LUV your site. I am hooked on checking it out. You are super clever and doing absolutely amazing with your weight loss. I am envious – only another 5 stone to go for me! Please keep up the brilliant work with your recipes and shopping tips.xxxxxx

  9. Luke says:

    So glad I came across this site, the transformation is amazing, not only that but you’ve managed to keep it off for such a long time. I’m at the early stages and quite a fussy eater but your recipes look amazing so will definitely be trying some of them.

    Im not actaully signed up to slimming world so having this website to look at is really helpful. Thank you

    • Fatgirlskinny says:

      Thanks Luke 🙂 I still have a very very long way to go but I am getting there slowly. Good luck with your journey x

  10. Karen Ross says:

    Hi Kirsty – been dipping into your syn lists but first time I’ve read your blog- very inspirational 🙂 Delighted to see comments from some 50+ ladies too. I’ve done the SW a couple of times but am now 56 and a bit concerned how effective it will be now I have menopause/dodgy hormones/slowed metabolism to deal with xxx

  11. Eddy says:

    Hi there. All I can say is I am so glad I found your blog and page. Both my wife and I need to lose a lot of weight. We are not good with various diets (bad will power) but always wanted to give SW a go. However neither if us agree with the group therapy, erm session (ok lol) side of it, nor paying money (things are tight as they are). So when I fell onto your blof this may be what we need. Using the tips, lists etc you have shown we have started the road the skinnydom …… TODAY. Yes that’s right I am proud to say we are newbies on this. I know it’s gonna be a long journey ahead but we’ll worth it. You have inspired me and thus I am sharing the knowledge with my wife. Will keep you updated. Fingers crossed. Me…18st 5, at least want to make it to 14st eventually (baby steps) my wife….. 17st, hoping to get to 13st ish…..

  12. Mrs Rose Baldwin says:

    Hi Kirsty,
    Thankyou so much for all your hard work with this site.. you certainly are an inspiration to us all… you look fabulous.

    Im new to slimming world.. i was on it for only 2 weeks whenvi had to go into hospital. Im raring to go again and your site is just what i need.
    Im 12st 11lb and want to get to at least 8 and half or 9 stone.
    Keep going in your journey and we will all do it together.
    From Rose

  13. Lynne Freeman says:

    Just signed up here. I have been doing Slimming World since 2017 and had lost 5 stone, but last year 2019 was difficult to stay on track and weight crept back on and I need to lose stone and a half again to get back to target, but I never stopped going to group. New year new me this is the year I will get back to target.

  14. Suze says:

    You’re so beautiful and should be extremely proud of yourself! I love your site and all of your content, i hope lockdown is treating you well!

  15. Ginny Easton says:

    Hi Kirsty. It’s hot and sleep won’t come. I came across your site yesterday looking for syns .It’s fantastic. I love the simplicity of it. I have been a member of Slimming world on and off for over , cough, 40 years, I’m 74 when it was red/green days and that’s always worked for me. As soon as I start to put the weight on as in lockdown I go back to slim world but not the classes anymore. Your site is such a great place to come to. Love the recipes. Great inspiration. Thank you . Also well DONE to you. You Are looking good. Keep up the good work.

  16. Trudie Gilliland says:

    Hi , I have just started slimming world , 3 weeks ago , lost 6 and half pounds so far ,was trying to find different recipes to use for lunch and I came across ur website , it’s so helpful and the recipes look amazing , thank u and well done for losing 4 stone , u look amazing

  17. mary coady says:

    Love all your recipes Kirsty can’t wait to try lemon curd, you have done amazing, keep great recipes coming, many thanks.
    Mary Coady

  18. Allison says:

    Great encyclopedia of all things Slimming World, I was trying to boost my lunch time eating so seeing all the ones on offer at Iceland in a list is great.

    Well done to you though Kirsty, don’t knock yourself back, as least you haven’t put all the weight back on and more,

  19. Sam says:

    Hi Kirsty, just stumbled across your site…it’s great, thank you🙂. I’ve been doing 16/8 for 2 mths…only to gain a pound.Im not giving up, I have over 3 stone to lose and I’m doing it this year! You have done really well on your journey and will lose the extra pounds you gained, life has been turned upside recently ,different routines and habits to deal with, after all a lot of weight loss is built around habit so lockdown threw a big spanner in the works!Dont forget , the mind controls the body. I always tell my kids, you can do anything…anything, you set your mind to….if you believe you can do it.Just don’t doubt yourself and don’t give up! You’re doing this…one meal at a time.Take care of this meal and the next will take care of itself.x

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