Fish & Chip Shop Slimming World List

Fish and chips are never going to be the go to healthy option for any Slimming World follower. But you can make good decisions using my list below.. or why not try my syn free Fish and chip recipe.

Please note that these Syn values are approx… No one can predict how many chips you will be given, or what fat is used.. But it gives you an idea. I would never suggest having this on a regular basis.

List updated: 14th August 2017



Curry Sauce –  6 Syns
Gravy – 7.5 Syns
Mushy Peas – SYN FREE
Pickled Egg – SYN FREE
Pickled Onion – SYN FREE
White Bread Roll (No Butter) – 8 Syns

Main Meals

Chips (Small) –  17.5 Syns
Chips (Large) – 26 Syns
Cod In Batter (Small) –  10 Syns
Cod In Batter (Medium) – 15 Syns
Cod in Batter (Large) –  19 Syns
Cod With Batter Removed – SYN FREE
Fish Cake – 7 Syns
Haddock In Batter (Small) –  9 Syns
Haddock In Batter (Medium) – 13 Syns
Haddock In Batter (Large) – 17 Syns
Haddock With Batter Removed – SYN FREE
Meat Pie – 20 Syns
Plaice In Batter (Small) – 13.5 Syns
Plaice In Batter (Medium) – 17.5 Syns
Plaice In Batter (Large) – 22 Syns
Plaice With Batter Removed – SYN FREE
Saveloy – 6.5 Syns
Scampi in Breadcrumbs – 16 Syns

*Please note I have not taken these Syn Values from an official source. I have calculated all syns myself. Please always check the official Slimming World website or consult with your leader to check the correct Syn value*