114 Unofficial Slimming World Tips and Tricks

One of the things I am asked the most by followers is.. What are your top tips? I am by no means perfect.. I have lost and gained a lot over the past few years so I have asked my followers for their top tips too. So here is Fatgirlskinny & my followers top tips to success!

Some of these tips may be harsh or blunt.. but try to remember these are from people who are following the plan successfully.. you may not agree with them all but different things work for different people.

  1. Swap cooking oil for Frylight Spray which is Syn free* or just 1 Calorie per spray – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  2. Keep a food diary including everything, even water intake. That way you can see which foods help you to lose more weight. – Christine S
  3. Plan, plan and PLAN…. – Louise R
  4. Join Instagram and start a weight loss profile. Post photos of all of your meals and successes with the #Slimmingworld. Also follow others on the plan. It will motivate you and also give you great meal ideas. – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  5. I always have sliced peppers, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes in the fridge so as I open the fridge I can munch away – Jacqueline O
  6. Purchase some digital kitchen scales and keep them on the worktop.. this way you won’t be tempted to guess at weights or do it by eye. If the scales are easily accessible you will never have an excuse not to use them –  Mr Fatgirlskinny
  7. Always stay for the full meeting if you attend group. The information can be so helpful and you learn new recipes from other members – Jacqueline O
  8. Allocate each day with a theme.. in our house we have Monday Chicken Night, Tuesday Pasta Night, Wednesday Beef Night, Thursday Fish Night, Friday Curry Night, Saturday Kids Choice and Sunday Cozy Comfort Night. Each week me and my husband take it in turns to find a new recipe or relive an old recipe based on the theme.. we get the kids involved and it can be so much fun. We ALWAYS make the effort to set up the table and drink Diet lemonade out of wine glasses whilst we eat and chat about our day. We are all eating healthily and yes sometimes the meals are a disaster but we just laugh and cross that recipe off the list. It makes Slimming World feel normal, we are cooking from scratch and we are teaching our children good habits whilst we lose weight too – Jessica C
  9. Create a menu plan for the week ahead and stick to it. It makes life easier – Karen B
  10. Create treat bags.. use clear freezer bags and fill them with little low Syn goodies.. label the bag with how many Syns are includes. They are perfect for taking to the cinema too – Lisa L
  11. Drink enough water each day, I always drinks at least 2 litres a day. I have jug in my fridge so its always cold and refreshing. Try adding a slice of lemon if you are not keen on water – Louise M
  12. Book a holiday or event.. this will give you a goal and something to aim for. I needed to lose 5 stone before my first ever holiday abroad and I succeeded – Ross T
  13. Buy the perfect dress 3 sizes too small.. you will soon shed the weight to get into it – Mel M
  14. Scrap the Mugshots as snacks.. they may be Low in Syn (used to be Syn free) but they are around 280 calories per packet.. who would have that as a little snack? – Jenny M
  15. Download Kirsty’s Syn tracker chart and print one off at the beginning of each week. I keep mine on the fridge and I let the kids colour in the stars each time I have a Syn – Richard L
  16. Always sign up to the newsletters on Slimming World websites you find, it’s great having recipes and ideas delivered to my inbox. It helps to keep me on track – Richard L
  17. Buy a cute folder and print off any recipes you like or try.. that way you can keep track of them all and keep the folder in your kitchen – Richard L
  18. Work out the syn values for your favourite treats i.e Cadbury chocolate, so that if you do fancy a naughty day you can keep it within Syns – Amanda K
  19. If you buy foods that are high in Syns, write the Syn value on the packet so if you’re tempted, you’ll know how many Syns you could be eating and it might change how much you eat – Deb B
  20. Always keep a food diary and stay to group for any hints and tips. I also love the app for help with syns and be prepared for your week ahead. If you are unsure never be to shy to ask for help as we all need it now and again – Fiona S
  21. Plan you meals for whole week ahead make sure you can swap them around too in case you don’t feel like having them but don’t buy extras. You will have a healthy 2-4lbs a week loss and if you get stuck for ideas browse fatgirlskinny.net for new recepies or motivation to keep you on track – Yvonne M
  22. Take your measurements regularly as even if the scales don’t show a loss you may have lost inches – Amanda L

  23. If you eat it, Syn it.. – Angela C
  24. If you feel hungry try drinking a glass of water first, you may actually be thirsty instead. If you are still hungry after that go for Syn free or Speed foods first before using your Syns – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  25. If you fancy something naughty and you know you shouldn’t be eating it and will regret it straight away say to yourself……. ‘Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels’ xx (I don’t like to say skinny or thin because we are all different shapes and sizes) – Ann F
  26. Even if you hate exercise like I do.. you can still burn some calories. Walk to the shop instead of driving, park further away at the supermarket or push yourself to do 100 squats per day. Every little helps – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  27. When serving a dish that is usually with spaghetti, use vegetable Spaghetti instead (half the calories and half the carbs) – Josie L
  28. If you are stuck for meals to create.. think back to all the things you love to eat, get on to Google and search for a Slimming World version.. i.e “Mcdonalds cheeseburger Slimming World friendly” I bet you can find a Low syn version – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  29. Try the Slimming World microwave meals, they are a great way of controlling your portion sizes and stop you from overeating – Louise K
  30. Always take your Slimming World APP or use google when you are out shopping. In the past I have guessed at Syn values, got home and realised they were crazily high in Syns and its gone in the bin or I have been tempted to overeat – Joanne S
  31. Don’t forget always 1/3 of your plate should be Speed Foods – Emily D
  32. Remembering that’s everyone’s journey is different but their goals are the same ‘Feeling good about ourselves and how we look regarding ourselves’ don’t compare yourself to others and their journey – Jacqueline O
  33. Swap sugar for Sweetener in your Tea and Coffee – Gina L
  34. Try Almond milk, its much lower in fat and you can have a much larger allowance – Karl S
  35. Don’t reward yourself with food/avoid cheat days. The reason we put weight on in the first place is due to overeating. Don’t reward yourself with something that got you in that position in the first place – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  36. Reward yourself with things you love.. clothes, concert tickets, holiday, makeup, perfume etc – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  37. Learn to take a compliment as your weight drops off.. it helps to keep you going – Jane K
  38. Don’ t be lazy, if you aren’t much of a cook then try batch cooking. Freeze portions which you can microwave later on – Harriet K
  39. Keep track of every Syn you eat, it’s so easy to forget a Syn you may have eaten earlier on in the day – Helen G
  40. If you are really hungry, eat something. Slimming World is not another starvation diet, its all about filling up on good foods and avoiding the snacking – Jenny A

  41. Make carrot chips instead of potato, it cuts the carbs and calories and they taste great too – Jenny A
  42. Experiment with new spices and buy a spice rack. My kitchen has never been so full of love ingredients – Jenny A
  43. Don’t tell friends and family that you are on a diet.. Slimming World is NOT a diet its a lifestyle change which you can stick to forever – Jenny A
  44. Set small goals for yourself its less daunting.. for example “lose my first stone”, “get into a size 18” – Gail D
  45. Put a real £1 in a jar for every 1lb you lose, when you reach your goal you can spend it on something fabulous (I have 27lb in mine so far) – Gail D
  46. Don’t make excuses, just because its Easter or Pancake day does not mean you need to be “off plan” – Laura H
  47. Try to cut down on sugar content, fruit also has a lot of sugar so try not to eat too much of it – Laura H
  48. Stick to the plan 100% if you cheat you are only cheating yourself. If Slimming World HQ change a part of the plan, accept it and stick to it. They are the experts and they know what they are talking about – Joan F
  49. If you don’t attend a group, buy the magazine every month, it has loads of great stories and recipes – Joan F
  50. Just because something is classed as “free food” it still had fat and calorie content.. think about it before you eat everything.. do you really need that much pasta? – Keeley W
  51. Take up yoga, its fantastic exercise and for refocusing the mind – Jane M
  52. You don’t have to give up things that you love. You can still have chocolate, alcohol etc. just make sure you only have up to 15 Syns of it per day – Brenda N
  53. Eat enough, if you starve your body you will not lose weight. Use at least 5 Syns per day and always have your Healthy Extras – Brenda N
  54. Don’t give up after one bad week, if you gain just look back over your food diary and compare it to a good week – Brenda N
  55. YES you really can eat this much food and lose weight (I have lost 12 stone eating THAT much food) – Mike K
  56. Take before, progress and after photos so you can see the difference and always remember how good you felt when you go to target. It will help you maintain – Joe H
  57. BE HONEST with yourself! Yes you really did let yourself get that FAT, now it’s your responsibility to sort it out. Harsh maybe but true. Stop making excuses and stick to the plan, you will be happy you did – JJ
  58. Do not weigh yourself everyday, its a huge mistake. You weight can fluctuate throughout the week – Donny S
  59. If you are losing weight with your partner do not compare. Remember men always lose weight quicker than women – Fiona F, SW Consultant
  60. It’s a marathon not a sprint, slowly but surely wins the race. Quicker weight loss always results in quicker gaining – Fiona F, SW Consultant
  61. Be patient, weightless doesn’t happen overnight – Gary A
  62. Do 10 minutes of exercise per day, you will notice the difference on weigh day – Gary A
  63. Never compare future weight loss weeks to your first ever week.. the first week is always the best because you retain so much water – Hayley A, Fitness Instructor
  64. Write before you bite – David W

  65. Change the goodies you use your Syns on every day, otherwise you will get bored of eating the same thing – Caroline D
  66. Read weight loss motivation stories online, they are such a great inspiration – Caroline D
  67. Don’t save your Syns, it never worked for me and I always ended up with a gain – Dave A
  68. Don’t eat after 7pm – Dave A
  69. Always have breakfast even if it’s just a banana, our body needs fuel – Dave A
  70. AVOID Mullerlight yogurts, they are FULL of sugar, I just cannot understand why Slimming World class them as FREE! – Dave A
  71. Try Cauliflower rice, its amazing!! – Caz D
  72. Buy the frozen microwave rice pouches, they are quick and easy and avoid you cooking too much rice! Portion control is everything – Kirsty, Fatgirlskinny
  73. Even though SW is not about calorie counting, try counting your calories up for one normal day and see if you are overeating compared to the daily recommended allowances. You may be surprised – Dan S
  74. ALWAYS write a shopping list and stick to it, plan everything you eat – Davina F
  75. If you are unsure on Syn values don’t guess, you could be making a HUGE mistake – Davina F
  76. Join online facebook groups and follow Slimming Worlders on Instagram. When I am bored and can’t stop thinking about food I turn to Instagram for entertainment – Selena Y
  77. If you can’t stop thinking about eating you are more than likely just bored. Have a bath, read a book, go for a walk or GO TO BED – Yan M
  78. Be careful to remove ALL visible fat from meats and also remove the fat before cooking –Kylie G
  79. Make healthy choices, choose vegetables over carbs – Kylie G
  80. Never be ashamed to go to group meetings even if you have gained. Everyone (even the consultant) has always been in the same situation at one time. Use group for support don’t fear it – Maggie L
  81. If fruit bores you try slicing it up and arranging it on a plate with a yogurt in the middle for dipping, my kids love that too – Lauren J
  82. If you have Fallen off of the wagon never start back on a MONDAY! Monday is the worse day to start a diet, try starting on a Tuesday or a Friday – Lauren J
  83. If you want to cut out carbs try swapping rice for cauliflower rice, top a cottage pie with carrot mash etc – Lauren J
  84. Find some local Slimming World friends or find some group volunteers and start a SW Come dine with me…. once a month you visit one persons house and they cook a 3 course meal but it has to be completely slimming world friendly and within 10 syns per person. It’s so much fun, you make friends and it can teach you some new recipes too – Kristen, L
  85. If you have children ask them what they would like to eat, get on google and find a SW friendly version of it – Gary W
  86. Google is your friend.. you can find Syn values, recipes and motivation on so many blogs and websites – Gary W
  87. If you want a Twix, have a Twix.. If you are hungry, Eat… If you want a glass of wine, have a glass of wine. Don’t sit there moaning just use your Syns – Richard G
  88. Don’t complain you have only lost 1lb that week.. 1lb is still 1lb. If you lose 1lb every week for 1 year that would be almost 4 stone in a year. If you want to lose weight fast go and join one of these meal replacement diets because SW is for life – Melinda A

  89. Slimming World is not perfect, it tells us that an avocado is bad and it tells us to eat sugary Mullerlights, but it does work and if you stick to it you will lose weight – Fatima S
  90. If others in your house are not dieting you need even more willpower, but try to encourage them into eating the same meals as you as it will make things much easier – Ron A
  91. Serve your dinners in small bowls, turn off the TV and eat slowly – Stacey K
  92. Try new things, we all get bored of eating the same things every single day. Be adventurous and use recipes – Amy C
  93. Don’t listen to the haters, they are just jealous… just prove them wrong its so much more fun – Amy C
  94. If meetings aren’t for you join FB groups and make friends and get advice. There are lots of consultants on these groups helping people too. You aren’t alone – Lucy R
  95. You don’t need to spend a fortune to follow SW. You can buy frozen veg, fruit and meat. Buy in bulk and batch cook – Pete F
  96. Don’t eat your speed food after your meal, that defeats the objet. Your plate should contain speed foods. So add a salad or swap carbs for veg – Fiona T
  97. If you are confused or unsure just ask! Don’t get it wrong and risk gaining – Rebecca W
  98. If you are addicted to sugary drinks its time to give them up and move over to diet only. Stop making excuses, if I can give them up so can you – Rebecca W
  99. Burn vanilla candles they are excellent at stopping hunger – Wendy L
  100. If you struggle to use HE a enjoy a hot chocolate with hot chocolate powder syned or crusha milkshake with the mix syned. Awesome treat!! – Christina E
  101. Do it for yourself. Any deviation from the plan is self destructive. Just remember why you want to lose the weight.
    And at the same time, remember it’s a lifetime plan – if you want it, eat it, drink it then draw a line under it and back at it 100% – Julia D
  102. Prep in advance where you can and batch cook where possible. The best ready meals are the ones you make – Kirsty C
  103. Don’t focus on what you can’t eat, focus on all the foods you can – Angela F
  104. Be mindful and aware while eating. Not just eating while doing other things – Angela F
  105. Join groups on Facebook that share recipes so you always have lots of inspiration for meals and snacks – Angela F
  106. Plan your snacks for that moment you need to grab something quick – Julie Ann T
  107. Spend some time reflecting on danger areas or triggers that may threaten your journey. For example, if you know you like a cake or biscuits with a cuppa at 11am, build a snack or treat for yourself into your meal plans or if you need something sweet after your supper, plan some low-Syn desserts or buy small bars of chocolate that you can have within your allowance. Don’t deprive yourself – plan in advance – Jeanie H
  108. I like “losing weight is hard, being overweight is hard – choose your hard” and when things get “hard” I read through every SW group and article I can find for support and inspiration! – Christine K
  109. Use a smaller plate so it tricks you into thinking you have a bigger portion – Denise G
  110. Make extra so you can freeze a portion on those bleurgh days – Denise G
  111. Plan your food for the days ahead and always have a couple of different meals available in the fridge so that you have a choice and is ready for reheating – Wendy S
  112. If I feel that I really need to snack and those hunger pangs are getting the better of me ( and I have to say that never happens very often on SW) I reach for either fruit or pickles which are all free – Nigel R
  113. Mash that banana, it doesn’t make any difference I promise!! – James J
  114. Don’t search Slimming World on TikTok it’s full of haters – Jessica M

Remember to bookmark this page as I will be adding more tips as they come in.. just remember you aren’t alone we are all in this together.

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!!!

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