You have joined Slimming World and all you have heard so far is, speed speed speed…. Don’t worry I completely understand! It can be really hard to get your head around everything at first.

Speed foods are not only classed as a free food, but almost all fruits and vegetables will be Super Free Foods too. These will help to boost your weight loss and keep you feeling fill for longer. 

Slimming World state that at least a third of your plate should be full of speed foods first. Also if you feel the urge to snack, try and reach for speed foods first. 

How can I add more speed foods to my diet?

  • Add some berries to your jelly/yogurt
  • Top your breakfast cereal with some fruit
  • Swap half of your pasta/rice for some vegetables
  • Fill a third of your dinner plate with vegetables or salad first, then add the rest of your meal.
  • Slice carrot sticks and place them in the fridge to snack on.
  • Make a delicious soup.

Which foods are considered as speed foods?

Most fruit and vegetables are classed as a speed food and will help to speed up weight loss. Some examples of speed foods are apples, melon, beetroot and carrots. 

For a full list of Speed Foods please join your local Slimming World group.

If you are looking to create recipes including plenty of speed foods please check out our recipes here.


  1. I’m very grateful for this list – I’m surprised that so many foods are speed and not just free – really going to include them as much as possible this time – Thank you xx

    1. Hiya.. for as long as I have known about speed foods I never knew pineapple ever was? Maybe you could ask your consultant? x

  2. Hi, thank you for your list it’s really helpful for an old school slimming world like me! Could I just ask you if I’m doing green plan are baked beans a speed food? Thanks again for your info ☺ so helpful!

    1. Hi there I am glad you are enjoying the site. All of the speed foods are listed here.. if it isn’t here it isn’t a speed food 🙂 Thanks x

  3. Thank you….my downfall is hidden syns….sauces…flour spices etc…unless it has a high fat content im unsure…example would be maggi cook in bag…thanks in advance…x

    1. Hi there

      Unless its pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables or lean meat it generally has a Syn value. Maggi cook in bags are high in Syns so I would avoid them. They aren’t needed.. there are so many amazing recipes out there full of flavour and Syn free. Flour is around about 4 syns per 25g. Most herbs and spices are Syn free.

  4. Hi there I have just stumbled across your blog. I have been on SW for two weeks on line, so all quite new to me. This is just fabulous, thank you so much for all your hard work in explaining syns etc. I have started following your blog . Thank you again xx

  5. Hi ive just joined yourself and SW thank you for all the help your giving us i will be on here often thanks xx

  6. Hi there I’m from Canada and new to slimming world need help in shopping for low syn foods and snacks

  7. Can see there are Clementines and Tangerines on your list. I know you have said if it is not on there then it is not a speed food but my group leader says Satsumas are speed food. Can you clarify – Satsumas have a slightly lower sugar content than tangerines. Cheers

  8. Hi on my app it says most frozen veg is ‘free’ not speed when the fresh alternative is speed. Does frozen veg not count as speed?

    1. Hi Abi
      If a fruit or a vegetable is a speed food it doesn’t matter if it is fresh, frozen or tinned 🙂

      I hope that helps

    1. Speed foods are fruit and vegetables that are super low in calories but will keep you full. Try to fill half of your plate with them first before adding free or syn food.

  9. Thanks for that. So I could have a steak (free) with lots of veg & salad (speed food). I guess salad and veg are also considered free.

    1. You can have steak with all visible fat removed cooked in frylight (free)
      Served with Syn free slimming world chips and lots of vegetables and salad 🙂

  10. This is very good information. I stopped going to the club and put my weight on and more. But this is my 2nd week.
    Thank you for the information.

  11. is dried fruit syned? i’ve just bought some thinking they’d be okay but not i’m not sure.

    thanks in advance xx

    1. Sorry no this is not a speed food. Only the fruits/veg listed are speed. Pomegranate is free but not speed.

  12. Hello, sorry to ask, I can’t quite see the difference betwenb veg and fruits clearly . Going through the list in alphabetical order I can’t see melon? I thought this was a speed food?

  13. Should you reduce the portion size of free protein and carbs you would normally have with speed foods or can you just add the speed to your usual portion size?

    1. A third of your plate should be speed foods…

      But yes when i make a chilli now i use half the mince i used i used to and have replaced with more speed foods like pepper, onion, mushroom 🙂

  14. Hi thank you for your help in the speed foods I’m not sure on fruit
    Please could you tell me if fruit in tins in there own juices are speed or free many thanks

  15. I love your blog, I’m thinking about trying SW and will probably just do the on-line. You have helped me decide what I want to try, so … thank you very much for having a desire to help the rest of us!

  16. Hi. Are they free? I’ve been putting them in my yogurt the past few weeks thinking they’re speed?. Strangely I’ve gained a couple of pounds since Christmas

  17. When I was in slimming world few years ago beans were speed. What has changed that there not speed now

    1. Baked beans are high in sugar content, they were removed as a speed food (superfree) a long time ago.

  18. Hello ,

    Please are you able to to tell me if all fresh speed fruits and veg are also counted as speed if they are frozen?

    Or does it all have to be fresh to count as speed ?

    Thank you

  19. hi just new to slimming world , what is the difference basically between speed foods and free foods , many thanks

    1. Speed foods are not only classed as a free food, but almost all fruits and vegetables will be Super Free Foods too. These will help to boost your weight loss and keep you feeling fill for longer. 

  20. Your knowledge has helped me so much, I would like to say thank you, I’ve just started doing this on my own and you have really helped me prepare for it

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