I would not describe Wiltshire Farm foods as a particular regulated diet, but  instead they are more of a ready meal delivery service.. It is always advertised for the more mature client but I know a lot of younger people who are using it to lose weight.
Wiltshire Farm Foods offer portion controlled ready meals which means it can be helped with weight management and goal achievement.

What costs are involved?

Meals start from £1 up to £5. There is no delivery cost, no minimum order and they deliver all over the country. You can decide which day you would like your order delivered and you are not limited on how many meals you can order.

Are there many calories in the meals?

Every meal has the nutritional information displayed on the website so you can count calories easily. Some main meals offering just 320 calories. Helping you stick to portion controlled sizes.

Is there any support?

Because Wiltshire Farm Foods are not sold as a Diet plan there is no support. But if you are following a calorie controlled diet the nutritional information should be enough to keep you motivated.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes there is a taster pack available for £20. Please visit the website for more information.

Will Wiltshire Farm Foods Work For Me?

Because most of their main meals are around 300 – 400 calories there is no reason why this wouldn’t work for you. There are also mini meals available which make an amazing lunch.

Is the food good?

Reading reviews online and asking people’s opinion the food does seem to be of a good quality. As long as you follow the exact cooking instructions there should be no issues at all.

How much weight could I lose?

If you plan and keep to a calorie controlled diet there is no reason why you will not lose at least 1 – 2 lb per week.

More Information

You can visit The Wiltshire Farm Foods website here