A True Non Scale Victory | Overcoming The Roller Coaster Fear

FullSizeRender (9)I have been meaning to write this post since we returned from our “big trip” back at the end of November.. but I have been so busy with Christmas, another holiday and work! But finally I am putting fingers to keyboard!

Many of you will know that hubby and I took a month long trip on 21st October.. It was a long time to be away but it really was amazing.

A rough break down.. we flew to Barcelona where we spent two days exploring the city. We have been there before on a cruise stop but not spent more than a few hours there before. It was nice but VERY busy. Not my ideal place to holiday.. I probably wouldn’t be too fussed if I didn’t visit again.

On 23rd October we boarded the Biggest ship in the world (currently Jan 2017), Royal Caribbean’sHarmony of the Seas“. Anyone who knows us well will realise we are addicted to cruising 🙂 But this ship really was another world.. when we pulled up at the port it just looked like a building rather than a ship! The interior was like a city on water. We spent 13 nights on the ship, doing just two ports Mallorca and Malaga before hitting the seas for 10 days transatlantic. We were worried we were going to be bored but with all inclusive food and a drinks package who on earth could be bored 😉 The weather was beautiful and we spent most of our days sunbathing and chilling out.
The ships staff keep you entertained with many shows and activities. We even got to see Grease the musical on board!

For any Slimming World follower who is considering going on a cruise but scared of a HUGE weight gain.. You really could stay on plan if you really wanted to (or partly anyway haha). The amount of lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables available is amazing!

After 13 nights on the ship we arrived in Fort lauderdale where we met hubbys best mate who flew out as he didn’t fancy the cruise too. We spent 2 weeks visiting Key West, Miami and Orlando, Florida.

So where did my non scale victory come from?…?

When I was a child and teen I ADORED theme parks, fast rides etc! I can sadly say I had not been to a theme park since I was probably around 14! Over the years the more weight I put on the more I wouldn’t even consider going on a ride for the fear of not fitting on them! Well I can happily say I did pretty much every ride in Universal Studios IMG_6493including 2 huge Roller coasters! Not only did I fit on them just fine.. I loved them 🙂 The great thing about Universal Studios and most of Orlando is that there are loads of “test seats” outside of the rides for us “larger” guests to try! When I tried that first test seat and it fitted I could have literally jumped for joy!! I am so glad I lost weight for this holiday because it made all of the difference 🙂 Hopefully we will be back soon to ride some more 🙂

I found I didn’t actually gain that much weight on holiday.. probably because we did so much walking around the parks.. 15 miles some days. It’s after the holiday when I didn’t bother to go back on plan where I gained 🙁 So here I am 15lb heavier again! Grrrrr….but it’s my own fault! I will get it off again with some willpower and determination 🙂

Anyone who is planning a Florida trip soon I can HIGHLY recommend Floridatix for your Disney World and other theme park tickets. They saved us so much money. Have fun if you are planning it 🙂 We are returning in 2018 I can’t wait!

Anyway take care for now


Kirsty x

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First day back on plan, weight gain and how I fell off of the wagon!

IMG_0704Well I have to say its been a rather crazy three months for us here.. and I fell so far off of the wagon that i could not even see the wagon!!

At the end of September we made the big 420 mile move from Dorset, England up to Falkirk, Scotland. When we lived in Dorset there really wasn’t a lot of temptation nearby.. the nearest macdonalds was about a 30 minute drive away and also we didn’t have family/friends very nearby so we didn’t socialise as much! Well that all changed in September!! Literally a 5 minute drive away we now have a Pizza Hut, Mcdonalds, KFC, Dominos, Burger King, Wetherspoons, and a Beefeater (all on the same retail park).. not to mention hungryhouse now offer us an array of delivery takeaways at the click of a finger.. My dad is now just 10 minutes away and he has been inviting us over for dinner, taking us out etc.. I know this sounds like i am making excuses but i guess i just went a little crazy and needed to maybe get it all out of my system!!

At the beginning of December we went on holiday to Lanzarote and boy did we eat and drink a lot.. when we came back it was the same old excuse of “well it’s Christmas too so what’s the point of going back on a diet now”. Then we stuffed our piggy like faces all over Christmas and now here i am 18lb heavier again!!!!! I was actually surprised that it wasn’t higher.. but i will take the 18lb and draw a line under it. There isn’t much else i can do but get on with it and lose it again and more right?

I have so much to lose weight for.. not only my health/diabetes.. I also have the most amazing holiday to lose weight for in October.. Nik and I are taking a 13 night Royal Caribbean transatlantic cruise aboard the new Harmony of the seas to Miami, followed by 14 days in Florida. I don’t want to be fat and using the excuse “oh no that roller coaster looks far too scary” bugger that! I want to ride them all.. and I can’t do that at my size because i constantly worry about not fitting on it 🙁
Also for the first time in my 33 years on his earth i have been asked to be a bridesmaid.. yay!!

So my goal for this year is to lose this 18lb again and then another 4 stone on top.. doable? I hope so!!

I usually start my diets on a Monday (don’t we all) but last night Nik and I had a takeaway chinese and I woke up in the night feeling absolutely awful.. bad heartburn etc. That was the kick up the backside that I needed!! So I have broken all my traditions and started back on a Sunday lol!

I have been back on plan all day and all is going well so far apart from having a banging “sugar withdrawal” headache, but i totally expected it! I have decided to try and have a really low carb week.. i feel so bloated so hopefully that will help. Also i am going to try and drink water like it’s going out of fashion! It helps that hubby is going back on the diet too (he doesn’t do sw he does his own thing but lost 3 stone last year so he’s doing well too).

Anyway I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a very happy new year.

Look out for lots of new Slimming World recipes coming soon.

Be good lovelies


Kirsty xxx


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Weight loss progress and a holiday thrown in..











Hey all.. sorry I have not been about for a while.. I have been really busy with our holiday and my mum’s wedding.

On the 24th April my mum finally married her lovely man of 15 years (they have only been engaged for 5!!!). It was an amazing day and it was followed quite nicely by the four of us jumping on a rather nice boat called “The explorer of the seas” for 10 days for a good old sail around the Canary islands.

During the 10 days of eating every single thing in sight I put on 10lb… yes 10! I went to the gym almost everyday too so i hate to think what it would of been if I hadn’t of! But I literally lost 9lb in the week following the cruise so i think most of it was water..

Anyway I am all back on track now and my current weight loss is now 2 stone and 10lb! I am so close to that 3 stone award I can almost smell it!! I am already checking out what Hello kitty plush i can going to treat myself with when i reach it.

This morning i had a bit of a double take in the mirror.. I can really see my weight loss now 🙂 So thought I would share with you guys too!

Be good and have fun

Loadsa love Kirsty xx

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Why I love Lanzarote & why I wake up everyday wondering why I am not still living there…

It’s May 2009, I am on the Thomson holidays website.. Looking for some sun.. holidays are cheap because of the recession.. we book a one week holiday for 2 including flights for about £300 leaving in 2 weeks! My now husband and I have the most amazing week.. we arrive back in England depressed and I am back on the Thomson website booking 2 weeks for only £100 more leaving in 6 weeks time… The addiction begins….

For those of you who don’t know where Lanzarote is.. it’s a beautiful volcanic island off of the coast of Africa belonging to Spain. It’s one of six islands that make up the sunny hot Canary islands. I often hear the island be refereed to as “Lanza-grotty”.. this really gets to me because i bet most of the people making that comment haven’t truly experienced its beauty. They probably got a package holiday.. went straight from the airport to the hotel and sat by the pool all week! Unless you get a hire car and do a bit of exploring you will never see its true beauty.

In 2010 we took another 2 week holiday there to celebrate my husbands 30th birthday.. we were sat on our apartment balcony one evening and both looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same thing… why on earth don’t we live here?

It really wasn’t a tough decision at all.. and in January 2011 we made the move to Playa Blanca on the island. We rented the most beautiful villa with private pool and enjoyed a very chilled out life. But unfortunately it just was not meant to be.. during our 18 months there we had many issues.. for example my lovely grandad having a stroke, and also i was rushed into hospital with gallstones.. we felt very isolated out there without our family around us so in July 2012 we moved back to cold depressing England.

But despite not living there any more, we both still adore the island and it will always be like a second home to us. We have holidayed out there many times since returning and will do again this year… we will never rule out moving back or buying a holiday home out there. But now I will deal with the cold and rain of England but at least we have our family nearby and that is the most important thing 🙂

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