Hello.. I am still here :P

I have been rather quiet lately other than the odd recipe.. Life has been a bit crazy since February.

We had our kitchen refitted which brought its own stress and problems.. especially with sticking to the plan. I managed to gain weight over a month of eating out and takeaways due to having no kitchen and then having some visitors too.

In March i had my 6 monthly check with the diabetic nurse and was given the most amazing news that i am no longer classed as having diabetes 🙂 My weight loss and lifestyle change has cured me of it along with an amazing kidney function! I could have literally danced around the room..

In April we had an awesome trip down to the Lake District for hubbys birthday and when we returned from that i felt sooooo bloated and awful about myself that i finally joined the gym. I had been saying since Christmas i was going to join! But finally i took the plunge. I have been really enjoying working out most days.. pushing myself harder each time and building up some muscle too. Some days it is hard to get motivated to go.. especially if it is cold or raining (living in Scotland this is a regular occurrence) but once i am there i can usually motivate myself with some good music.

To anyone who is embarrassed to go to the gym because of their size.. please don’t be. My gym is full of people in a range of sizes/ages etc.. If anyone laughs or judges you than they are absolute idiots! Who on earth would judge an overweight person showing they are working hard to do something about it? I personally am more embarrassed sitting in Mdconalds stuffing a huge burger in my gob than going to the gym showing i am trying 🙂

So yes.. i am here.. still working towards my goal no matter how long it takes me.. I am proud of how far i have come and I will get there one day 🙂


Be good and stay motivated


Kirsty xx


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Two and a half stone gone… only 9 stone 1lb to go (only…)

OverTheMoonOver the moon with my weight loss would be putting it mildly… and it really is all thanks to Slimming World.

On the 5th January 2015, I felt very unwell.. and honestly very disgusted with myself! I was having dizzy spells in the night and I was generally quite concerned about my health. In fact climbing the stairs made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack!! So I took the plunge and joined Slimming world online and started the new food optimising plan which has now become my life.

I also went to the doctors and after various tests I was diagnosed with TYPE 2 diabetes.. I was put on a 3 month probation period by my diabetic nurse where I had to show I could lose some weight in order to stay off of medication. Thankfully I had already started anyway so I was absolutely determined. After seeing my dad and my friend both suffer with the illness, it really pushed me to not suffer the same way.

My husband Nik is slightly over weight too so together we have completely changed our lifestyle, we eat healthy meals cooked from scratch, no takeaways, minimal alcohol and no unhealthy snacks. My diet is now full of fruit and veg and I find I don’t even crave the bad stuff any more. I exercise a little more (not as much as i should still admittedly) but I push myself to do various challenges (i.e 30 day squat challenge) and I am finding its helping.. in fact I even have a bit of muscle in my arm lol! (even though hubby says he cant feel it…!!!)

I recently had my last diabetes check up and my sugar level is now down to a healthy range again and medication is not needed.. i have beaten diabetes and I intend to keep it that way! I will see her again in 6 months and i hope to have lost at least another 3 stone 🙂 Here’s hoping…

To anyone who has tried diet after diet and nothing has ever worked… please try Slimming world.. you don’t even have to go to a group if you don’t feel comfortable (i don’t) I just do my own thing and get my motivation and support on instagram and the minimins forum. If you cannot afford to sign up online there are people who sell the plan on ebay quite cheaply here. Slimming world isn’t a diet and you definitely never feel hungry!! You don’t have to do without you just have to change a few things… Nik and I are having steak, chips, onion rings and peppercorn sauce tonight followed by a cheese cake! We just change the way we do things 🙂

Some of the meals we have below:

Anyway here’s to the next few stone… (next goal 4 stone lost by 7th July) Wish me luck!!

Bye bye for now lovelies xxx

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