A True Non Scale Victory | Overcoming The Roller Coaster Fear

FullSizeRender (9)I have been meaning to write this post since we returned from our “big trip” back at the end of November.. but I have been so busy with Christmas, another holiday and work! But finally I am putting fingers to keyboard!

Many of you will know that hubby and I took a month long trip on 21st October.. It was a long time to be away but it really was amazing.

A rough break down.. we flew to Barcelona where we spent two days exploring the city. We have been there before on a cruise stop but not spent more than a few hours there before. It was nice but VERY busy. Not my ideal place to holiday.. I probably wouldn’t be too fussed if I didn’t visit again.

On 23rd October we boarded the Biggest ship in the world (currently Jan 2017), Royal Caribbean’sHarmony of the Seas“. Anyone who knows us well will realise we are addicted to cruising 🙂 But this ship really was another world.. when we pulled up at the port it just looked like a building rather than a ship! The interior was like a city on water. We spent 13 nights on the ship, doing just two ports Mallorca and Malaga before hitting the seas for 10 days transatlantic. We were worried we were going to be bored but with all inclusive food and a drinks package who on earth could be bored 😉 The weather was beautiful and we spent most of our days sunbathing and chilling out.
The ships staff keep you entertained with many shows and activities. We even got to see Grease the musical on board!

For any Slimming World follower who is considering going on a cruise but scared of a HUGE weight gain.. You really could stay on plan if you really wanted to (or partly anyway haha). The amount of lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables available is amazing!

After 13 nights on the ship we arrived in Fort lauderdale where we met hubbys best mate who flew out as he didn’t fancy the cruise too. We spent 2 weeks visiting Key West, Miami and Orlando, Florida.

So where did my non scale victory come from?…?

When I was a child and teen I ADORED theme parks, fast rides etc! I can sadly say I had not been to a theme park since I was probably around 14! Over the years the more weight I put on the more I wouldn’t even consider going on a ride for the fear of not fitting on them! Well I can happily say I did pretty much every ride in Universal Studios IMG_6493including 2 huge Roller coasters! Not only did I fit on them just fine.. I loved them 🙂 The great thing about Universal Studios and most of Orlando is that there are loads of “test seats” outside of the rides for us “larger” guests to try! When I tried that first test seat and it fitted I could have literally jumped for joy!! I am so glad I lost weight for this holiday because it made all of the difference 🙂 Hopefully we will be back soon to ride some more 🙂

I found I didn’t actually gain that much weight on holiday.. probably because we did so much walking around the parks.. 15 miles some days. It’s after the holiday when I didn’t bother to go back on plan where I gained 🙁 So here I am 15lb heavier again! Grrrrr….but it’s my own fault! I will get it off again with some willpower and determination 🙂

Anyone who is planning a Florida trip soon I can HIGHLY recommend Floridatix for your Disney World and other theme park tickets. They saved us so much money. Have fun if you are planning it 🙂 We are returning in 2018 I can’t wait!

Anyway take care for now


Kirsty x

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Slimming World Progress Update | Yes I Am Still Here… :)

IMG_4405Hey all 🙂 I have had loads of messages recently asking how I am and how I am doing so I thought it was time for a progress update 🙂

Things here are going well.. To date I have lost 4 stone 5lb with Slimming World.. I have reached a fairly amazing milestone for me.. I am the lightest I have been since I was 18 years old and it really does feel amazing 🙂 I keep looking at myself in the mirror and prancing around telling Nik (hubby) how slim I look.. as if he hasn’t already noticed 😀 I have a shape finally.. I can see a waist.. and finally see where my boobs stop and stomach starts 😀 I said that to my mum the other night and she wet herself laughing!

I am going to the gym pretty much daily.. and starting to go walking a lot (great time to start when winter is settling in up here in sunny Scotland). I do still struggle with the gym.. I am addicted to the results but not really addicted to the exercise. But I am slowly starting to find a routine I like and pushing myself each time.

My stress at the moment is that we are going away in just over 2 weeks to America and we are going to be away for a month! Let’s face it.. there’s going to be a gain and it’s most likely going to be big! But I have always said.. I will win the race but it may just take me a little bit longer. I will gain, but I will lose again and I will NEVER go back to being that fat girl who was good at covering up the fact she hated it 🙂 Unfortunately there will always be a fat girl trapped inside me because I love to eat! But I just have to fight her 🙂

Anyway dudes, thank you so much for all of the lovely messages on here and facebook. I love reading how my recipes and progress spurs you on and I am here fighting the same as you.


Take care


Kirsty xxxxx


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My First Non Scale Victory | Slimming World

l991970229So today I experienced one of my first non-scale victories.. For the past week I couldn’t find anything to wear that wasn’t baggy from my wardrobe, so I dragged out the other half to Stirling to do some shopping..

What I came home with was 2 tops.. one sized 16 and one sized 18.. I haven’t been in a size 16 since I was about 18 years old!
Even looking in the mirror in the fitting room I felt proud because suddenly I realised I wasn’t repulsed by my body anymore 🙂 Mega happy moment.. I was even taking photos of myself and sending them to my poor mother 😀

But what I realised was.. I have been so overweight for over half of my life that i would just instantly head to the same shops! Evans, Yours clothing, New look plus range, George and that is pretty much it on the high street! It hit me that actually being a size 20 and under suddenly opens up a whole new range of shops for me and actually I don’t know where I want to shop, what kind of fashion I like and what I want to wear! When you have been forced to take whatever you can get in 4 shops and just praying something will make you look stunning.. it’s pretty exciting to know I am not forced to give my money to some of these overpriced places anymore.  My goal is to be able to shop in Superdry and have a pair of Levi jeans 🙂 I will get there no matter how much it kills me!!

Happy times ahead 🙂



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4 Stone Gone.. Finally…. :)

IMG_2551 (1)Well Hello… Lovely followers 🙂 Today is a VERY good day for me! Yes I finally reached my 4 stone loss! It may have taken me a year and a half but it feels good 🙂

I seem to have been stuck on 3 and a half stone forever.. gaining and losing over the past year but here I am 4 stone lighter and very happy indeed!!

For the past month I have been visiting the gym almost daily and pushing myself harder and harder each day. I have gained an addiction to exercise and loving it. I am building muscle and hopefully toning so i can reduce the amount of sagging skin but I am not sure I will be lucky enough to have none 🙁 But that is a hurdle I will jump when it comes to it.

I am not saying I won’t fall off of the wagon again but here’s hoping I will reach my 5 stone in the next couple of months 🙂

I am lucky to have an amazing and supportive husband who is also on the weight loss journey with me and has lost around 3 stone. We motivate each other every day and the support helps me through.

I desperately need some new clothes, but for now I need to hold off wear the old stuff.. as I don’t want to waste my money for now.

Wish me luck dudes 🙂 I am off to choose my new Hello Kitty beanie (my treat for each stone I lose)

Take care for now xxxxx

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Hello.. I am still here :P

I have been rather quiet lately other than the odd recipe.. Life has been a bit crazy since February.

We had our kitchen refitted which brought its own stress and problems.. especially with sticking to the plan. I managed to gain weight over a month of eating out and takeaways due to having no kitchen and then having some visitors too.

In March i had my 6 monthly check with the diabetic nurse and was given the most amazing news that i am no longer classed as having diabetes 🙂 My weight loss and lifestyle change has cured me of it along with an amazing kidney function! I could have literally danced around the room..

In April we had an awesome trip down to the Lake District for hubbys birthday and when we returned from that i felt sooooo bloated and awful about myself that i finally joined the gym. I had been saying since Christmas i was going to join! But finally i took the plunge. I have been really enjoying working out most days.. pushing myself harder each time and building up some muscle too. Some days it is hard to get motivated to go.. especially if it is cold or raining (living in Scotland this is a regular occurrence) but once i am there i can usually motivate myself with some good music.

To anyone who is embarrassed to go to the gym because of their size.. please don’t be. My gym is full of people in a range of sizes/ages etc.. If anyone laughs or judges you than they are absolute idiots! Who on earth would judge an overweight person showing they are working hard to do something about it? I personally am more embarrassed sitting in Mdconalds stuffing a huge burger in my gob than going to the gym showing i am trying 🙂

So yes.. i am here.. still working towards my goal no matter how long it takes me.. I am proud of how far i have come and I will get there one day 🙂


Be good and stay motivated


Kirsty xx


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First week back on plan

IMG_0818Well i have been back on plan for 5 days.. and since I always like to weigh in on a Friday that is my first “week” done and i am over the moon! 6lb gone and only 12lb left of my gain to lose! I was estimating 3 weeks to lose it again and I think I may just succeed 🙂

I have started to realise how i really went wrong and how I went off of track! I stopped writing everything down.. i got in the mindset of “oh i know how many syns i am having” and “oh yes i know how much cheese I am allowed i don’t need to weigh it” and I  quickly went off of the rails by giving myself just a little bit more cheese and that extra chocolate bar and bang 18lb heavier again!

But i won’t do it again, I won’t give up, SW works for me and that is where I am staying 🙂 I am not saying i won’t have ups and downs and won’t gain because that would be a lie. But SW isn’t a diet its a lifestyle choice!

Anyway for today i will take my 6lb loss quite happily and have a big smile on my face 🙂


Have a good day lovely people


Kirsty xxxxx

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