8 Healthy Ways To Survive Christmas Parties

Christmas party season is here and they are well known for over-indulgence. But with some simple changes it is possible to come out relatively unscathed with these survival tips.

Many people see the festive party season as a true test of endurance and strong will. Fail to stick to plan and you can end up throwing away months of hard work for a few hours of fun. Most of us plan to have a few days off over the actual Christmas period but the Christmas parties and celebrations can go on for weeks…

Here are our 8 top tips to help you get through the office Christmas party fun in a healthy way.

1. Plan ahead

If you are going for a festive meal with work colleagues or friends make sure you plan ahead. Find out exactly where you are going, find the menu and plan exactly what you intend to eat. Leaving things until the last minute can result in quick or tipsy decisions. Most restaurants have access to their menus online… if not give them a call. 

2. Stay hydrated

If you intend to have a drink (or 5) at the festive celebrations ensure you stay hydrated in the daytime. Keep a water bottle with you and increase your usual daily intake. You will feel much better the next day and avoid the shocking hangover which will tempt you to overeat on junk food.

3. Eat a large but healthy lunch

Fill up that tummy during lunch with lot’s of healthy veggies and protein. This will stop you from overeating or snacking on poor choices after a few drinks. 

4. Hit the dance floor

Get dancing, it’s a great way to not only burn calories but keep yourself distracted from drinking and eating more.

5. Stick to spirits

Cocktails and punch are filled with sugar and calories. Avoid and stick to spirits with diet/slimline mixers. Spirits are much easier to track Syns in too.

6. Be mindful about food

If there is a buffet on offer, fill your plate with healthier options, sit somewhere and enjoy. Don’t stand next to the buffet picking all night. You will feel less fulfilled and be tempted to keep eating. 

Avoid any deep fried canapés such as mini spring rolls and samosas, and go for the ones that include some protein. Look out for chicken satay sticks or prawns. They are simple, but will fill you up more quickly and keep you going for longer. If you can’t help picking on something see if there are some olives being offered.

7. Never ever go to a party on an empty stomach

The worse thing you can is turn up to a party on an empty stomach. Not only will you be stumbling all over the place quickly but you will over eat. Enjoy some healthy snacks on your way to the party or whilst you are getting ready.

8. Arrange a “different” kind of festive get together

If you are in charge of arranging the Christmas work party, why not suggest something different this year. Some ideas I have seen in the past are:

  • Visit a theme park
  • Go to a festive light trail
  • Paintballing
  • Escape room
  • Spa day
  • Ice Skating

Above all though make sure you have fun and if you do overeat just draw a line under it and move on. We don’t have to spiral out of control just because we overindulged one night. You have got this!!

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