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    I recently purchased Lisa Riley’s Honesty Diet because I was keen to read her story and find out what finally motivated her to lose the weight.

    Whilst I will not be moving over to her “Honesty Diet” because I am a Slimming World girl through and through. I did really enjoy reading her story because it could of literally been written about me!

    The former Emmerdale and Strictly star announced her book release back in September on twitter by asking people to trial her honesty diet before the book was release. Almost 70% of her followers begged for a place on the trial, wanting to see what was so special about her honesty approach to losing weight.

    Lisa writes about how her weight gain started, right through to what finally made her shed the weight. The story she tells is a very interesting read. The book is also has a  question and answer stage too which I filled out with a few tears in my eyes.

    Is the book Slimming World friendly?
    Even though Lisa doesn’t personally believe in Slimming clubs.. she encourages everyone to be 100% honest with ourselves and a lot of the recipes are very Slimming World friendly.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is needing the motivation to kick start their weightless no matter what plan they are following. If someone like Lisa can shed 12 stone, we all can.

    The book is currently selling for the bargain price of £8.00 on Amazon so I highly suggest purchasing now before it rockets back up to its normal selling price of £16.99.

    I recently got a personal thank you from Lisa Riley herself on Twitter for my review. This absolutely made my day! Such a wonderful woman.

    Please note I have not been compensated for this review, I purchased the book myself and the review is all of my own words.

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    5 Responses

    1. Linda Hillier says:

      I’m half way through and like yourself I’m a sw girl and that won’t change but the honesty bit hits home . I’ve lost the plot recently and I know that if I don’t get honest and start taking responsibility for what I eat I ll be back to square one or worse !!! I can see myself in her in so many ways so I’ll carry on reading and get myself a notebook and pen to start being truly honest with myself.

      • Kirsty says:

        I have always kept a food diary but I have started filling in more information and a brief summary like she suggests 🙂 Some of the recipes are great too x

    2. Kerry Matthews says:

      I’m a 55 year old SW girl as well. I’ve been battling my weight for the past 20 years and I ‘get it’ now. We have a choice to lose weight or not and if SW or other slimming clubs didn’t do it for Lisa then heyho. It does it for me!! Its been the missing piece. I am so aware of everything that’s been said about losing weight but I never knew how to eat normally and that’s what SW gives me. If we have a health issue then we tweek it. I have been borderline diabetic for years and didnt tweek it. Found out today I,m no longer in that range.. I’ve lost over 2 stone since joining SW ( 6 months ago) and didn’t have to change anything because its a great way to approach food in a weird ‘healthy’ but still ‘be naughty’ way. As far as the article goes about Lisa I wont be buying her book. I choose to lose weight, and SW is a great tool for me. I would rather write my own story than pay to read Lisa’s … as interesting as I’m sure it is I hear real stories at the group so why pay for it.

    3. Nancy says:

      I’m just going to buy this book Kirsty ! I thought when January came I would lose my last half stone easy but seem to have slipped down the slippery slope. I’m a SW girl too ( I use the girl word loosely)
      I love the stuff you put on and I just want to say how much you are appreciated .
      Keep up the good work and 2018 is a great year for you
      Cheers Nancy

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