Well hello lovely people.. I have been thinking about doing my first giveaway for my lovely followers for a while now so here we are 🙂

    Your chance to win the above little hamper of SW goodies and a few other accessories thrown in.

    – 2 Mugshots
    – 2 Alpen light bars
    – A selection of tea
    – 1 Bodyshop body wash
    – Authentic scottish soap
    – Cute post it paper
    – 1 Washi tape
    – 1 Sheet of paperchase stickers
    – 1 Organiser
    – A set of rose soaps
    – 1 Rita Ora nailvarnish

    Please enter below: UK residents only please – Ends 1st Feb 2016.

    Fatgirlskinny Giveaway

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    13 Responses

    1. Anya Sargent says:

      Congratulation on first giveaway. 🙂 I struugle for years to lose weight. Never tried SW. Count me in please. 🙂

    2. Jo Hutchinson says:

      Wonderful blog.

    3. Ella L says:

      thanks for running a great giveaway

    4. Camille R says:

      Congrats, ok so I have tried many diet and keep gaining back, am ready to do this so am in….

    5. Carroll Marsh says:

      Congrats on your first giveaway Angel!Love this!Been Dieting,tried every diet for decades,became Vegan Last year and lost 3 and a Half stone without Exercise or depriving myself!!Just got to keep it off and loose lots more now!!!!!!!!XX

    6. liz ferguson says:

      Just sent the wrong message to you.
      I meant to thank you for hosting the blog.
      Many thanks,

    7. BARBARA MADDEN says:

      am really struggling but all the chocolates have now gone out the house so that’s half the battle but could do with some help

      • Kirsty says:

        Hey Barbara.. oh honey i have been there trust me! January 2nd 2015 i had a boxes and boxes of xmas chocolates! I went through them and sorted what could be “synned” into the syn bin.. then the rest went to friends or in the bin and i just took control of my life 🙂
        Then this year i told everyone not to get me chocolate for xmas.. and i literally just had one box.. ate them all and then january i got back on it.. honestly you can do it. and you are the only one who can take control xxxx

    8. Emma McGorman says:

      Thank you for the giveaway. I love Slimming World

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