Souper Stars: Top 5 Soup Makers for 2024

Hey soup enthusiasts! If you’re like me and crave a comforting bowl of homemade soup, you know the struggle of spending hours in the kitchen, chopping and stirring. Fear not, fellow soup aficionados, because I’ve embarked on a mission to find the crème de la crème of soup makers. 

After numerous steamy trials and hearty taste tests, I present to you the top 5 soup makers that would earn a spot in my kitchen. (Number 1 being my own soup maker)

So if you are thinking of purchasing a soup maker, not sure if they are right for you or just fancy a new gadget! Sit back, grab your favourite beverage and read on to find out what I think are the top 5 soup makers of 2024.

1. Morphy Richards 1.6L Total Control Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards 1.6L Total Control Soup Maker is a game-changer for anyone seeking culinary convenience without compromising on flavour. Boasting a generous 1.6L capacity, this sleek kitchen gadget allows you to effortlessly whip up velvety soups, chunky stews, and smooth bisques with the touch of a button. What sets it apart is the user-friendly control panel, providing total control over blending speed, cooking time, and temperature, ensuring your soup reaches the perfect consistency every time. The White and stainless steel design not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also ensures durability. With its time-saving efficiency and easy-pour functionality, the Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker is a must-have for busy individuals craving the comfort of homemade soups without the fuss. It’s a culinary companion that transforms your kitchen into a soup haven, offering a delightful and hassle-free cooking experience.


  1. Total Control at Your Fingertips: The standout feature of the Morphy Richards 1.6L Total Control Soup Maker is its user-friendly control panel. With multiple settings and precise temperature control, you have the power to customize your soups to perfection. Whether you prefer a velvety smooth consistency or a chunky texture, this soup maker puts you in the driver’s seat.

  2. Generous Capacity: With a 1.6L capacity, this soup maker is ideal for whipping up hearty servings to feed the whole family or to prepare lunches for the week. The generous size ensures you won’t be left wanting, and it’s perfect for entertaining guests with a variety of delicious soups.

  3. Stainless Steel Mixed with White Elegance: Morphy Richards understands the importance of aesthetics in the kitchen. The sleek stainless steel and White design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your countertop but also ensures durability. The robust build quality gives you confidence that this soup maker is built to last.

  4. Easy-Pour Functionality: Pouring soup directly from the maker into your bowl is a cinch, thanks to the smartly designed spout. Say farewell to messy transfers and hello to a seamless serving experience.


  1. Not Suitable for Large Gatherings: While the 1.6L capacity is excellent for regular family meals, it might fall short if you frequently entertain large groups. If you’re hosting a dinner party, you may find yourself making multiple batches to accommodate everyone.

  2. Learning Curve for Beginners: The plethora of settings and controls might be a tad overwhelming for kitchen novices. Although the Total Control Soup Maker comes with a comprehensive manual, some users may require a bit of experimentation to master all the functionalities.

  3. Loud Blending Noise: Like many powerful kitchen appliances, the Morphy Richards 1.6L Total Control Soup Maker produces a noticeable blending noise. If you’re sensitive to sound or enjoy a quiet kitchen, this might be a minor drawback.

  4. Cost: This soup maker is double the cost of some others. But I thought it was worth it for the sleek look that matched my kitchen.

2. Drew & Cole 1.6L Soup Maker

The Drew & Cole 1.6L Soup Maker offers a remarkable cooking experience with its memory function, allowing you to season or add ingredients during a cooking cycle without resetting. Unlike other soup makers, it continues cooking from where you left off. Cleaning is a breeze with the Auto Clean Function – just add a drop of detergent. Whether you prefer chunky or smooth soups, this versatile appliance caters to both. Create a hearty traditional vegetable soup in just 28 minutes or opt for an extra smooth blend for silky perfection. With a substantial 1.6L capacity, it’s perfect for batch cooking, preparing up to five bowls of soup in minutes – ideal for busy professionals or families looking to add healthy vegetables to their diet. The multi-purpose functionality extends beyond soups, offering specialized settings for dairy-free soy milk and effortless production of silky-smooth oat milk. With Drew & Cole, culinary convenience meets versatility!

3. Tower T12031 Soup & Smoothie Maker with Intelligent Control System 1.6L

The Tower Soup Maker, with its generous 1.6-litre capacity, is a budget-friendly kitchen gem that effortlessly accommodates family-sized portions of soups and smoothies. This versatile appliance not only blends but also heats your ingredients, streamlining your meal preparation at an incredible price point. Whether you fancy a hearty chunky soup or a velvety smooth blend, the Tower Soup Maker caters to your culinary desires. Its premium stainless steel jug and blade ensure durability, enhancing the product’s longevity and overall performance. 

4. Salter EK5118GUNMETALV2 Soup Maker – Stainless Steel 1.6 L


Discover the perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and functionality with this mid-budget Salter Soup Maker, offering a remarkable 65% reduction in energy bills compared to a 1.8 kW electric hob. Elevate your culinary experience any day of the week with this essential blender, designed for creating delicious smoothies and homemade soups. The stylish meal maker boasts a smart digital control panel, ensuring a stress-free dinner preparation. With an impressive range of 5 settings – smooth, chunky, blend/clean, drinks, and keep warm – this highly practical cooking tool adapts to your every culinary whim. The built-in auto memory function adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to seamlessly add more ingredients mid-cycle. Experience the perfect blend of affordability and versatility with the Salter Soup Maker, your go-to kitchen companion.

5. Hairy Bikers 1.6L Soup Maker

Introducing the Hairy Bikers’ stylish 1.6L capacity soup maker, a time and money-saving kitchen essential for families. With the guidance of this popular cooking duo, you can now make approximately 6 portions of soup, utilising leftover ingredients from around the kitchen, ensuring both resourcefulness and deliciousness. This versatile soup maker offers a variety of settings, allowing you to craft your preferred soup texture, be it smooth or chunky, and even try your hand at making a refreshing smoothie. Designed with convenience in mind, the soup maker features overfill and overspill sensors, eliminating worries about mess during use. To enhance your soup-making precision, integrated scales are included, making it a helpful tool for following your favourite soup recipes with the utmost accuracy. Trust in the Hairy Bikers’ expertise to revolutionise your soup-making experience, providing both practicality and flavour in one stylish package.

In conclusion, these top 5 soup makers have been put through the wringer, and they emerged as the champions of soup perfection. Whether you’re a culinary whiz or a kitchen newbie, investing in one of these souper stars will undoubtedly elevate your soup game. So, don your apron, gather your ingredients, and let the soup-making adventures begin! Happy souping! 🍲

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