Top Slimming World Kitchen Gadgets You Cannot Live Without

Since joining Slimming World I now have more gadgets in my kitchen than ever before. There are quite a few that I really couldn’t live without. I have compiled this list of my highly recommended gadgets that are not only a favourite with me but popular with other Slimming World followers too.

1. Vegetable Spiralizer

The Only Spiralizer – Spiral Slicer with a Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty Guarantee.
The Best for making long vegetable strands for healthy vegetable meals quickly. Perfect for making spiral slices from firm fruits and vegetables like apples, onions, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, cabbages, beetroots, turnips, rutabagas, cucumbers, and more. Check my blog post to find out more about Spiralizing.
I could literally not live without my Spiralizer… it’s amazing.

2. Actifry

Anyone who has had chips from an Actifry will know why this is a must in the kitchen. Cook healthy “fried” food using just a tiny bit of oil or frylight. The chips are amazing!

3. Nutribullet

Blend amazing nutritious and healthy smoothies, soups, pasta sauces etc. I literally could not live without this product. I make so many pasta sauces using the Nutribullet.

4. Slow Cooker

Okay this isn’t the cheapest slow cooker on the market.. but it’s definitely brilliant. The main reason I love this is because it comes with the saute pan which can be used on the hob to sear the meat (including an induction hob) also it can be placed in the oven. Also it fits perfectly into my Grey and White kitchen.

5. Soup Maker

I love this Morphy Richards soup maker, it’s perfect for making up a good hearty batch of Syn free soup. The main reasons I love a soup maker is because it’s less stressful, there is less washing up and it is a lot quicker too.

6. Kitchen Scales

My kitchen scales are very well used.. In fact I probably use them for every meal. Weighing out your healthy extras is the most important need for scales. I love these Duronic scales, they are really cheap and classy too.

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Top Recommended Slimming World Recipe Books

I nowadays people tend to steer away from buying recipe books because there is so much information online. But I just LOVE to have a good recipe book to have a look through in the evening and when I am meal planning. There are some brilliant Slimming World books on the market so I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Slimming World Free Foods
120 guilt-free recipes for healthy appetites

The people at Slimming World know that all slimmers want plenty of gorgeous food – but to deny yourself is not the way to get slim and stay slim. This unique approach to slimming is based on a revolutionary concept – that of ‘Free Foods’ – foods you eat in any quantities, whenever you’re hungry. And they aren’t just typical diet staples such as lettuce and low-fat cottage cheese. Free Foods include pasta, rice, lean meat, fish, poultry, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Fancy a big plateful of vegetable curry with unlimited rice, or a pile of pasta with a spicy tomato sauce? How about a monster jacket potato with a tin of baked beans? Or a meaty tuna steak with a heap of ratatouille? Recipes such as Farfalle and mixed bean salad, Mild and creamy chicken curry, Fragrant pilaf, and many more besides, can be eaten as Free Foods when you are Food Optimising. Gone are the days of feeling as though you are missing out!

Slimming World 30-Minute Meals

When you’re feeling hungry or in a real hurry, it is so easy to opt for the quickest option. But fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. 30-Minute Meals helps you to provide nutritious, wholesome food for all the family, not just those who are slimming, without getting stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. This book is full to bursting with more than 120 recipes based on Slimming World’s acclaimed Food Optimising programme.
Highlights among the soups and starters are hot and sour seafood soup, chive and mushroom quiches, or pink peppercorn and smoke salmon pâté. For filling snacks, try the skillet ‘pizzas’ or Tex-Mex tacos, or for a truly tempting salad choose between tiger prawns and asparagus or grilled calamari and rocket. Meat and fish recipes include roasted citrus chicken and pork and mango parcels, or try oven-baked sea bass with bacon and cherry tomatoes. There are some wonderfully tempting vegetable dishes, such as baked spinach gnocchi or basil and chilli linguini, while the dessert menu includes amaretti stuffed nectarines and cinnamon poached pears. Anyone interested in easy-to-prepare, full-flavoured and healthy food will find this book useful, whether they are slimming or not!

Best ever recipes: 40 years of Food Optimising

Food Optimising is the name given by Slimming World to their highly successful weight-loss technique that enables slimmers to lose weight without ever having to go hungry. It is the most slimmer-friendly eating system there is and is based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by overweight people – no foods are banned, there is no calorie counting and there are hundreds of ‘free foods’ that can be eaten in unlimited amounts. Published to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Slimming World, Best Ever Recipes draws on Slimming World’s 40 years of unrivalled experience in helping slimmers achieve their target weight. Packed with nutritional, lifestyle and diet information, as well as more than 120 new, healthy yet delicious recipes, it is the definitive guide to successful – and enjoyable – weight loss.

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Download The Slimming World Mobile App For Free

The Slimming World App is a necessity to any Slimming World follower. I literally could not live without it. It is my daily go to for syn checking and recipes.

Available exclusively for Slimming World members, it’s a great way to keep on track, check Syn values, find new recipes etc. It’s completely FREE to download too.

Free Features:

  • Group locator
  • Two FREE 7 day meal plans
  • Inspiring weight loss success stories
  • Healthy recipes
  • BMI checker

Free features for Slimming World members:

  • Access to your own profile
  • Weigh and track your progress
  • Food search (over 40,000 Syn values, Healthy extras etc)


IOS Iphone/Ipad



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Which Vegetables Can Be Spiralized | Slimming World Syn Free Ideas

If you are looking to cut back on the carbs and calories whilst packing in a LOT of Slimming World Speed foods then this could be the gadget for you. The Spiralizer seemed to rocket to popularity overnight and I absolutely love mine.

There is around 300 Calories and 65g of Carbohydrate in 100g of cooked pasta compared to around 20 Calories and 1.8g of Carbohydrate in 100g of Courgette. I think the benefits of “Courgetti” speak for themselves.

When it comes to choosing the best Spiralizer for your needs I would highly suggest spending a little more on a good Spiralizing gadget. I have this fantastic product from Amazon. I did have a cheaper product to start with but I found it couldn’t cope with the strain and was also very hard to wash up.



So what Fruit and Vegetables can you Spiralize?

  • Apple
  • Beetroot
  • Bell Pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Butternut Squash
  • Carrot
  • Celeriac
  • Courgette (Zucchini)
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Parsnip
  • Pear
  • Plantain
  • Radish
  • Swede
  • Sweet Potato
  • Taro Root
  • Turnip
  • White Potato

You are looking for a fruit or vegetable that is fairly solid and not too squishy.. Something that will not turn to mush when you start to spiralize.

I love these two recipe books, they are full of some amazing tips and recipes to use your new Spiralizer with. They have some amazing Slimming World friendly and Syn free recipes.


So now you have your Spiralized Fruit or Vegetables.. what do you do with it?

Most of the fruit and vegetables are fantastic raw in a salad. But if you want them to be a bit softer try them sauted in the pan with a little Frylight for around 5 minutes. Also things like Apple, pear and carrot are brilliant roasted in the oven for around 5 minutes on 190c.

Use Carrot and Courgette Spiralized as alternative to spaghetti with a delicious Syn free Bolognese served on top.

If all else fails.. Tesco offer some great Carrot and Courgette spaghetti if you do not want to make your own.

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Is Slimming World Really Worth It?

Is Slimming World really worth it?

I have been following Slimming World for just over 2 years now and whilst we have had our ups and downs.. also a slightly LOVE HATE relationship at times, I have always gone back to plan.

The key thing here is you want to lose weight and I am not trying to sell a diet to you. I am just writing down my experiences and opinion on the plan. The fact is that if you really want to lose weight you can do it by eating less and moving more. But some of us need a plan to follow and the support from others. If that’s what you are looking for then Slimming World is definitely for you.

How much does it cost to join?

From the beginning I followed Slimming World online as I never found myself to be much of a “group” person. I instantly found support on Instagram and then started this blog too.
Prices start from £60.00 for the first 3 months online but sometimes Topcashback have some great Slimming World sign up deals so check there often.

Joining a groups starts at around £9.95 for the initial sign up week and then around £4.95 every week thereafter. I believe you can pay for 6 or 12 week chunks to save money too.

To join or find out more information about Slimming World please visit the website here.

Can I go it alone without group?

Yes you can but it’s not as easy. I would suggest joining up for at least the first 3 months online or first few weeks at group to get all of the information. Once you have that you can find most information online and gain support from Instagram or online forums. (oh and this blog)

How much weight can you really lose?

Since joining in January 2015 I have lost 4 stone 5lb. (Current date March 2017). This may not sound a lot but I am doing it slowly and steadily and we go on a LOT of holidays lol.

Weight loss is really down to you.. yes Slimming World can offer you the support and guidance you need to help you along your way. BUT only you can lose the weight and put the effort in. So how much weight you lose is down to you.

Usually you will see a big loss in the first week and then 1 to 2 pounds per week is the average.

The best thing is however is that I have lost that weight and never feel hungry. That is the great thing about Slimming World.

What is the best thing about Slimming World?

The amount of food you can eat and still lose weight, and the fact it is teaching you to make good choices to change your life forever.

How easy is Slimming World?

If you are determined it’s very easy. But I will say you need to put the effort in to cook from scratch and find new recipes. Yes Slimming World do have some microwave meals but I always find you get bored very quickly of those.

As long as you stick to your Syn allowance and fill up on Syn free foods you can succeed.

I don’t like vegetables so how can I diet?

There are plenty of free foods to fill up on with Slimming World including yogurts, fruits, eggs, meat, potatoes, pasta..(yes really… pasta!)

Will I have to cook different meals to the rest of my family?

No… (well not unless they are totally fussy).. My husband is not following Slimming World and he loves some of the meals I cook from scratch.

Whatever you choose remember weight loss is a slow process and it is all about you.


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Slimming World Syn Free Sausages From Iceland | Product Review

SW sausages

Okay I may be a bit behind.. I know these came out ages ago.. but I have only just had the chance to try them (yes they have been in the freezer for ages).

The first thing I noticed about them when opening the packet was the smell..a strong herby smell but I gave them a go anyway.

I chose to cook them in the oven on 180c for 25 minutes. But you can also grill them.

After cooking I was pleasantly surprised that they had not shriveled up too much like some other brands. But the amount of fat and water that came out of them was a bit of a shock.

The actual taste is okay, but they don’t really taste like a sausage. They taste more like a meatball and have the consistency of a cheap burger. Would I have them again? At £3 for 6 sausages probably not… but if they were on offer I may consider it.

They are fab in my amazing Sausage casserole recipe though.

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