Low calorie Booze? Errr YES PLEASE! SkinnyBooze is the only place in the UK where you can find a range of reduced calorie alternatives AND I was lucky enough to be sent a huge case to trial and review for you guys!

I was so excited when these bad boys turned up! Don’t get me wrong.. I am not really a big drinker, so it has taken me quite a while to work my way through these beauties.. (with a little bit of help from some friends and family). But I have enjoyed the fact I can enjoy a glass or two now and then without breaking the daily Syns!

So Who Are SkinnyBooze?

Taken From Their Website:

Since launching in 2012, they have searched far and wide to find the finest alcohol available with fewer calories to bring to the UK market. Perfecting this range gradually over time, SkinnyBooze now offers the UK’s most exciting collection of lower calorie wine, beer, champagne, gin and premixed cocktails. Ensuring that the only compromise is the number of calories contained, we make sure that the drinks we sell are of the highest quality, truly innovative, and something you would be delighted to share with your friends and family.

Arrival Of The Package

Well I have to say.. this bit was awesome!! When I was told 6 bottles of wine were being delivered I was rather sceptical as to how they were going to arrive… We all know glass and delivery companies do NOT mix!! 

However I was very pleasantly surprised! Each bottle was extremely well packaged.. there was no way those bottles were going anywhere. 

So What’s The Catch?

Absolutely nothing.. I hear you saying “it’s low calorie it must be tasteless”! Absolutely not.. The wine is delicious. All of the products have reduced sugar content and calories without compromising on flavour and quality.

They also offer a wide variety of beers. spirits and ciders too, not just wine. So don’t be put off if you are not a wine drinker.

The Taste

I was sent the Discovery Case.. For those of you wanting to sample different varieties and discover your favourite wine, then this collection is perfect for you. A beautiful selection and Red, White and Rose wines to enjoy.

I love the fact they have cased together different varieties of wine from all over the world to suit everyones taste. Allowing you to sample and try new things to find a favourite wine.

Diamarine Provence – Rosé
81 per 125ml
Approx 4 per 125ml

With less than 1 gram of residual sugar and at only 81 calories per 125ml, this wine goes perfectly with fish, a light salad, or as an aperitif on its own.

Really tasty and tangy.. I could have happily devoured the entire bottle!

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 8/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

Don Aparo Malbec
89 Per 125ml
Approx 4.5 Per 125ml

Colourful and lightly perfumed with big, juicy blackberry flavours, and overtones of plum and black cherry.

This was the bottle I was most excited about as I am truly a Malbec girl! A beautiful wine, perfect with a Syn free sirloin steak and chips!

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 10/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

St Louis de Provence – Rosé
74 Per 125ml
Syns: Approx.
4 Per 125ml

Fresh, vibrant and pale pink in colour. Dry in style with aromatic rose petals on the nose, this wine follows through with notes of cranberry and strawberry fruits on the palate with a mouthwatering finish.

This was probably my least favourite wine but it was the lowest in calories.. 

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 6/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

The Long White – Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
87 Per 125ml
Approx. 4.5 Per 125ml

Fresh, vibrant and crisp, with exotic herbaceous aromas, tropical and citrus fruit flavours. Best served with twice baked goat’s cheese souffle with walnut, apple and blue cheese salad.

We made a fantastic cheese board for the family and served it with a glass of this delicious crisp white wine! It was amazing

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 9/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

Woolloomooloo – Pinot Grigio
84 Per 125ml
Approx. 4 Per 125ml

Pale lemon in colour, Woolloomooloo Pinot Grigio displays a powerful bouquet of citrus blossom, lime and grapefruit aromas. On the palate, classic Pinot Grigio flavours of green apple, pear and tropical fruits helping to give balance to the wine’s crisp, crunchy acidity prior to a surprisingly long finish untypical of this grape variety.

My Dad was very happy when he saw I had been sent this wine as it’s a favourite of his. He happily helped me finish it off over a carbonara 🙂

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 10/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

Sensi Campoluce – Chianti
92 Per 125ml
Approx. 4.5 Per 125ml

Made with production principles that respect the surrounding nature, paying close attention to limit the stress on the vine and on the terrain from which it grows, this magnificent red wine is strictly monitored by technicians to guarantee its organic licence.

Another favourite of mine as I do prefer my Red wine.. fantastic with a Lasagne…beautiful deep taste.

Fatgirlskinny Rating: 10/10

Click HERE to find out more about this wine

Overall I love how SkinnyBooze have found all of the lowest calorie booze and it’s available in one place. You don’t feel like you are betraying your diet by having a cheeky tipple! I would highly recommend. 

The lovely people at SkinnyBooze have offered 10% off your first order for Fatgirlskinny followers. So grab the deal today 🙂

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Don’t forget to comment below if you do give SkinnyBooze a try 🙂

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