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January is here, the site is very busy so it is clear everyone is back on plan and looking for weight loss motivation. I have been inundated with emails in the past few days looking for tips, so I thought I would put together a motivation post for all of my lovely followers. 

Some people seem to find being on plan so easy.. but others need a few cheeky gadgets and cute bits n bobs to keep them active and motivated. So I have been keeping an eye out on Social Media and digging around the internet to find you some of the best products on sale at the moment to keep you on track.

Weight Loss Plaques

I am back on plan myself so out comes the awesome mini blackboard to keep track of the pounds. I highly recommend these to people without a lot of spare space because they can simply hang on a kitchen drawer or door handle.

They are currently on sale for £3.99 for a limited time.. Click here to view on Amazon…

OR for the lads I love this one…

Again this can be found on Amazon by clicking here. Again only £3.99 on sale at the moment.

These plaques are a great way of keeping track of the lbs you are losing and showing off to everyone else too of course!

Food Diary

Slimming World do have an amazing new app to keep track of what you are eating on a daily basis but I do find it a bit boring.. I am a stationary fanatic so I like to keep my food intake in a cute food planner.. I also find it easier to look back on previous days. 

I LOVE this Food Journal from Amazon available here.
It has a section to keep track of the food, quantity and Syns too. Also its just pretty to look at! 


I recently visited the doctors for a check up and found that I was weighing myself as much heavier than I actually am!! My scales were old and clearly not doing what they were meant to be… So Mr Fatgirlskinny purchased us a new set of scales and I found myself saying “why didnt we order these ages ago?”

I wish that was my actual weight on those scales LOL! 

We purchased these from Amazon for £24.64 here. The best thing about them is they can connect to an app on your phone where you can keep track of weight. body fat..etc the list is endless. If you are a bit of a gadget lover these are perfect for you.. (if it inspires Mr Fatgirlskinny to stay on plan with me then I am happy). I LOVE the fact I have an app that instantly keeps track of my weight loss data.. I can even look back in years to come and say “omg did I really use to be that that skinny haha”
Oh did I mention the “step on” technology? No more waiting for them to tare.. simply jump on and your weight will appear in a second! I can’t believe I was using 10 year old scales that I had to keep banging my foot on to get them to even start up!!

However if £24.64 is a little more than you are looking to spend and would prefer a scale that simply tells you your weight these are perfect..

For a low £14.98 these “step on” digital scales also come with a free body measure tape. Available from Amazon here.

Buy A Book

My biggest tip for January motivation is get yourself a new book.. be it a biography or recipe book. I love to read stories from others and I especially love to take advice from people who were previously overweight and know the struggles.

My two favourites for January and are currently on my bedside table are:

Tom Kerridge is an absolute hero.. he has lost so much weight and puts together the most delicious recipe. So many of them being Slimming World friendly too.. Grab this excellent read from Amazon here.

Lisa Riley’s previous book was a huge favourite of mine. I was wary that her newest book would be the same thing with a different cover.. but it’s not at all. It is an amazing read with some lovely recipes too. Available from Amazon here for only £10.16.

Join A Group

My final tip for motivation is to join a Slimming World group.. Even if you have been to one before it is worth a visit.. there are new books and new recipes all worth checking out. Even if you have been following Slimming World for years it is always best to make sure you have all of the correct information.. There are lot’s of free vouchers around this time of year too. What’s to lose? You may even make some new friends!

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  1. Lesley says:

    Thank you for this, some great tips xxx

  2. Sue says:

    Wish we had a slimming world here on the Isle of Man

    • Fatgirlskinny says:

      Why don’t you start a Slimming World – Isle of Man Facebook group? Then maybe when Covid eases you could arrange local meets? x

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