Mojito Cocktail | Slimming World Recipe

Just because we are on Slimming World.. does not mean we have to miss out on our favourite cocktails 😉 There’s nothing better than a WARM summers evening with a Mojito in hand (Okay okay we live in the UK.. How many of those warm summers evenings do we actually get?)


25ml Barcardi rum 2.5 Syns (or go for 35ml at 3.5 Syns)
1 Tsp Sweetener
Fresh mint leaves
Lime slices
Diet sugar free soda water
Ice (crushed if possible)


  • Muddle the mint leaves, lime slices and sweetener into your chosen glass
    (Yes I didn’t know how to “muddle” either.. please see this handy guide here)
  • Add your ice and pour over Rum and soda water stirring gently with a spoon.
  • Decorate with a Lime wedge

Enjoy 🙂

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