Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For A Slimming World Follower

Yep, I am one of those annoying people who is forever on a diet, never wants chocolate for Christmas and says “just get me something nice”. Annoying right? 

Picture this, you have a wife, dad, friend, sister etc who is following Slimming World. She/he has been doing amazingly and plans to have 1 or 2 “days off” over Christmas. But you buy them a pair of PJS that won’t fit them in a few months or a huge box of chocolates that will send them spiralling off plan for weeks! Don’t be that person…. be sweet, supportive and kind! Have a look through my Christmas gift ideas for a Slimming world follower.. 

From Syn tins, to food diaries, to personalised milk bottles. This list will put you at the top of the Christmas tree when it comes to gift giving! Just remember to check the dispatch information before purchase to ensure it will arrive in time for Christmas. Some personalised items have a longer lead time….

1. Weigh Day T-Shirt

I love this weigh day t-shirt and sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear when weighing in! This t-shirt is not only cute it will ensure the wearer always has the same clothes on. (i.e weighing the same each week).

Check it out on Etsy here

2. Personalised Syn Tin

These personalised Syn tins are awesome and if you feel really creative you can fill it full of Low Syn treats as part of the gift. 

Check it out on Etsy here

3. Compact Dumbbell Set

One of the reasons most of us don’t have a lot of exercise equipment indoors is because it takes up too much space and not all of us have the space to turn our garages into gyms. This compact dumbbell is absolutely perfect for someone who wants to build some muscle but doesn’t have a lot of space indoors. Available in Pink or Blue depending on who you are purchasing for.

Check it out on Amazon here

4. Personalised Weight Loss Chart

Motivating us to lose weight is seeing the weight drop off, but sometimes this can be hard to notice at first. So keeping a track of it can really help us to focus. These cute weight loss charts can be personalised and also include stickers! 

Check it out on Etsy here

5. Personalised Healthy Extra A Allowance Bottles

Oh my goodness how cute are these? Okay I know milk is fairly easy to keep track of but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t measure their Healthy extra A and then ask they they aren’t losing weight! You can have the bottles personalised with your own name too. 

Check it out on Etsy here

6. Weigh Day Essentials Bag

This bag fits an A5 book so it is perfect for your Slimming World book, a notepad, pen, snack and a bottle of water. Various colours and slogans available too.

Check it out on Etsy here

7. Syns Don’t Count It’s Christmas – Cute Christmas Card

I love this card it is absolutely perfect for any Slimming World follower! You can even have it printed with a message inside so you could get it sent directly to the recipient. 

Check it out on Etsy here

8. Skinny Low Syn Hamper

A really nice idea as an alternative to Christmas chocolate. These will last right into January and can be used as Synful treats. 

Check it out on Etsy here

9. Motivational Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a number 1 priority for anyone trying to lose weight. These motivational tracker bottles are fantastic for anyone who struggles to get their recommended fluids in. 

Check it out on Etsy here

10. Magnetic Weekly Food Planner

I think everyone should have one of these in their house! I have one and it 100% keeps me on track and stops me from ordering takeaways. I can see exactly what we are having for dinner each night, I know what to get out of the freezer etc and the kids enjoy seeing what is happening too. 

Check it out on Etsy here

So there you have it, 10 great gift ideas for a Slimming World follower. I hope this has given you some good ideas for friends and family or even for your own list to Santa. 

Whatever you do this Christmas (be it a while away yet) have a wonderful time. Mine will be spent avoiding chocolate and counting down to the big day with that annoying elf! 

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