One Syn Low Calorie Chocolate Rice Pudding | Slimming World Recipe

    I LOVE rice pudding.. it is one of my go to evening treats. But due to the amount of carbs it is easy to over indulge on this sweet delicious goodness. I find if I overeat carbs it affects my weight loss so I would recommend having this just once or twice a month.

    This recipe uses the Sweet Freedom choc shots.. these can be found in most supermarkets usually near the jams/chocolate spreads. The cheapest place I have found this stocked is in Iceland or Home Bargains.

    SERVINGS: 3 Portions
    SYNS: 1 Syn Per Portion
    CALORIES: 86 Calories Per Portion



    • Wash the rice with warm water in a colander. Ensure all of the starch is removed. Place to one side.
    • Meanwhile add Almond Milk & Cinnamon to a saucepan on a slow heat.
    • Once simmering place the rice into the pan.
    • Simmer, stirring often on a low heat until the rice has softened and absorbed 70% of the milk.
    • The consistency should now be of a rice pudding.
    • Remove from the heat, add chocolate shots and Vanilla essence. Mix well and serve.

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    9 Responses

    1. Patsyann WEEDON says:

      Where can I get the Sweet freedom chic shots from? Thanks

    2. Darcy says:

      Would this keep for a couple of days? Thinking of making it for breakfast xx

    3. Samantha Davis says:

      Can i use Arla B.O.B skimmed milk instead of Almond Milk in this

    4. Jess says:

      Hello – I’m really new to SW..I’ve been told 20 cal = 1 syn. This recipe says 1 syn per portion but each portion is 86 cals? Thanks! x

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