Syn Free Spicy Beef Kebabs | Slimming World Recipe

    These beef kebabs are a big hit in our house because they can be accompanied but so many things.. rice, speed salad, syn free chips or just pop them on the BBQ on a nice hot summers day. (Yeah okay thats a joke in this country sometimes lol)

    We have used pepper and Courgettes along with the beef.. but you could use other things such as mushrooms, onion, tomatoes….

    Serves: 2-3 People
    Syns:  Syn Free


    400g Diced Beef
    2 TBSP Tesco Ras El Hanout Seasoning
    2 Garlic Cloves (Or 2 tsp Crushed Garlic)
    Salt & Pepper
    2 Peppers (Your choice of colours)
    1 Small Courgette
    Metal Kebab Skewers


    • Add Spice, Garlic, Salt & Pepper to a small bowl and add 5 Tbsp of cold water. Mix to form a paste. Add a little more water if you find to be too dry.
    • Add the beef to the paste, mix ensuring the beef is covered in the paste.
    • Deseed and cut the peppers into thick chunks of a similar width to the beef.
    • Slice the courgette into similar sized chunks.
    • Thread the beef, pepper and courgette onto the skewers and then lightly spray with Frylight.
    • Place under the grill or onto a BBQ for 10-15 minutes turning often.

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