Chicken Fajitas | Slimming World Friendly Recipe

    Delicious spicy chicken fajitas, completely Syn Free* when following the Slimming World plan. Lean, healthy and a hit with all of the family.

    Almost 11 years ago (whilst living the Sunny lifestyle in Lanzarote) I decided to make Chicken Fajitas for the first time ever.. and MrFatgirlskinny protested greatly… I think his words were “Oh i don’t want them… you know i hate peppers and stuff why would i like them?”…. I ignored him and made them anyway and now it’s his very favourite meal! Oh how i love to prove him wrong lol!

    We usually have Fajitas at least once a week and I wasn’t about to stop even being on my Slimming World plan! I have put together my Syn free recipe for you all to enjoy 🙂

    Why you’ll love this recipe….

    • They are so tasty and full of flavour
    • Spicy
    • Delicious
    • Cheap to make on a budget
    • Loved by all of the family
    • Quick and easy to make

    Serving ideas to save using those Syns

    • Swap Tortilla wraps for large lettuce leaves
    • Serve over rice instead of having wraps
    • Use one Weight Watchers wrap (Healthy extra B or 6 Syns) cut into slices and place a few inside of a large lettuce leaf.
    • Serve with grated cheese from your Healthy extra A allowance.
    • Swap sour cream for a dollop of Fat free fromage frais.

    Is this recipe Slimming World friendly?

    Absolutely.. this dish is FULL of speed foods, protein and lean meat. Fill up on this wonderful dish.

    Batch Cook – Storage Information

    • Fridge: To store,  leave the fajitas to completely cool down before placing in an airtight container. Store it in a fridge for up to 3 days. In fact the longer you leave them the better they taste.
    • Reheat: Perfect for reheating in the microwave or over the hob. Add a drop of water to prevent drying out.
    • Freezer: Fajitas can be frozen for upto 3 months. Store in a suitable container and remember to thaw before reheating.

    Syn Free Chicken Fajitas

    Slimming World Syns: Zero*
    Weight Watchers Points: Coming Soon
    Calories: 236 Per Serving
    Course Lunch, Main Course
    Cuisine Mexican
    Total Time 35 minutes
    Servings 3


    • 300g Skinless Chicken Breast (Thinly Sliced, Diced)
    • 400g Kidney Beans (Drained and Washed)
    • 1 Red Pepper (Sliced into strips)
    • 1 Yellow Pepper (Sliced into strips)
    • 1 Small Onion (Diced)
    • 200ml Boiling Chicken Stock
    • 4 tsp Paprika
    • ½ tsp Smoked Paprika
    • ½ tsp Hot Chilli Powder
    • ½ tsp Dried Basil
    • 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
    • 1 Garlic Clove (Crushed)
    • Pinch Salt & Pepper


    • Add boiling chicken stock to a large pan and bring to a simmer.
    • Add peppers, onion, kidney beans, paprika, smoked paprika, hot chilli powder, basil, cayenne pepper, garlic, salt and pepper. Stir well, cover with a lid and allow to simmer for 10 minutes until the pepper and onion are softened.
    • Remove lid, add the chicken and continue to simmer until everything is cooked through and all of the liquid is reduced.
    • Serve with your choice of sides.


    *Slimming World Syns and Weight Watchers Points are all approximate and estimated by the team. They have not been verified by an official source.

    Have you created this recipe?

    Please let me know how it turned out! Leave a comment below or share a photo on Instagram tagging me at @fatgirlskinny__ and the hashtag #fatgirlskinny.

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    3 Responses

    1. Kellie says:

      Hi, love this recipe and thank you, using lettuce leaves instead of wrap is a great idea! Thinking you mean tsp rather than tbsp of chilli/cayenne powder etc though as it would be really hot haha ( not that I would be complaining) 😉

    2. Mrs W says:

      This is amazing!

    3. billie-jo ingledew says:

      love this recipe, so easy to follow and tastes amazing!

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