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Almost 3 years ago (whilst living the Sunny lifestyle in Lanzarote) I decided to make Chicken Fajitas for the first time ever.. and my husband protested greatly… I think his words were “Oh i don’t want them… you know i hate peppers and stuff why would i like them?”…. I ignored him and made them anyway and now it’s his very favourite meal! Oh how i love to prove him wrong lol!

We usually have Fajitas at least once a week and I wasn’t about to stop even being on my Slimming World diet! I have put together my Syn free recipe for you all to enjoy 🙂

The main thing is to swap the tortilla wraps for large lettuce leafs and they are still as delicious.. or if you really cannot resist the wraps i have found the Weight watchers brown and white wraps are some of the lowest at only 4.5 syns each or 1 wrap is a Healthy extra B. Sometimes i treat myself to one wrap and cut it into strips. Then i can add a couple of strips in with my lettuce leafs 🙂

Servings: 2 – 3 
Syns: FREE
Heat: Medium


This recipe is for “Chicken Fajitas”

For Beef Fajitas: Use 350g lean thinly sliced beef and use a beef stock cube

Could also be made with Turkey and Pork too.

To serve:

  • I use 4 Large lettuce leafs
  • I serve with 50g of long grain rice each
  • I also use my 40g Low fat cheese Healthy extra A allowance


  • Slice Peppers and Onion.
  • Heat a frying pan on the hob, spritz with a little Frylight and add the pepper and onion.
  • Drain/wash the Kidney beans and add to the pan with Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Hot Chilli Powder, Garlic, Black Pepper, Salt and Basil. Cook on a medium heat.
  • Make up 200ml of boiling water and add the Chicken stock cube to make the chicken stock. Add this to the pan and mix well.
  • Add the thinly sliced chicken to the pan and cook on a medium heat until everything is softened/cooked and the water has completely evaporated.
  • Serve in the pan or a special cast iron fajita pan to keep warm.
Recipe Created by Fatgirlskinny. Please do not use or recreate this recipe without prior permission.

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  1. Hi, love this recipe and thank you, using lettuce leaves instead of wrap is a great idea! Thinking you mean tsp rather than tbsp of chilli/cayenne powder etc though as it would be really hot haha ( not that I would be complaining) 😉

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