Best Ever Cream Soda Rice Pudding | Slimming World Friendly Recipe

    Delicious and creamy, low syn and so easy to make. This Slimming World friendly rice pudding is a winner with all of the family. Only a few simple ingredients to throw together this delicious dessert.

    There are two types of people in this world… Some who like rice pudding and some are strange! Just a personal opinion there of course, but I literally adore the stuff. With Jam, Apple, Nutella, Cinnamon, Raspberries or simply on it’s own. 

    Is this recipe Slimming World friendly?

    Many many moons ago I created this recipe before the meanies at Slimming World decided they were going to create something called a “tweak”. Before this disaster the recipe was classed as Syn free. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. 

    What is a tweak I hear you say?

    A tweak is when you use a particular Syn free food in a way it is not meant to be consumed. 

    Slimming World state:

    Rice puddings made up with diet drinks: Using diet soda (or any other Free liquid, including water) to make up pudding rice is a tweak as it makes bulky Free rice – intended to be eaten as part of a satisfying, Free Food packed meal – very easy to overeat between and after meals.

    For this reason I would recommend allowing 2 Syns per portion.. but again I will leave that decision up to you. 

    Why you’ll love this recipe….

    • Easy to make
    • So creamy
    • Loved by the whole family
    • Delicious
    • Only 67 calories per portion
    • Low in Syns
    • Smells amazing

    Batch Cook – Storage Information

    • Fridge: This rice pudding should be allowed to cool before popping in to an airtight container. You can keep this in the fridge for up to 3 days.  
    • Freezer: Not suitable for freezing.
    • Reheating: This can be reheated in the microwave. 

    Low Syn Cream Soda Rice Pudding

    Slimming World Syns: 2 Per Serving
    Weight Watchers: Coming Soon
    Calories: 67 Per Serving
    Course Dessert
    Total Time 30 minutes
    Servings 3


    • 80g Pudding Rice
    • 450ml Diet Cream Soda
    • 1 Vanilla Mullerlight Yogurt [160g]
    • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon


    • Rinse the rice in warm water to remove all starch
    • Add cream soda and cinnamon to a pan and bring to the boil.
    • Add the rice, cover with a lid and allow to simmer until all of the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is cooked. Add water if needed.
    • Allow the rice to cool before mixing in the yogurt and serving.

    Have you created this recipe?

    Please let me know how it turned out! Leave a comment below or share a photo on Instagram tagging me at @fatgirlskinny__ and the hashtag #fatgirlskinny.


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    15 Responses

    1. Lee-Anne says:

      I’m cooking this right now but the rice doesn’t seem to be thickening up ? I doubled the ingredients above and am now simmering it.

      What am I doing wrong? Or so I just keep simmering? Help please ?

    2. LESLEY PAWLAK says:

      Love the rice pudding recipe with soda & the new Mullerlight yogurt vanilla cheesecake flavour makes it even more creamier.

    3. Karen says:

      I made this tonight and it’s lovely. However I made too much. Does it keep till next day ok? Can you reheat it due to having yoghurt in it?

    4. Wendy Smith says:

      I wouldn’t reheat but delicious cold with a chopped banana

    5. Gemma says:

      Hi. This sounds lovely thank you. Just wondering how the syn value is 2 per portion? Do you have to Syn the Rice or Soda? If not using one Muller light for the whole recipe would be 1 syn for the whole lot?

    6. Helen Wadsworth says:

      This is the first time I made this rice pudding and I must say this ticked all the right boxes for me I do like to have a nice little treat this I hope I can find something else low syn pudding thanks for this

    7. Wendy Smith says:

      I made this yesterday and was delighted with how it turned out, will definitely make again and again 😃

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