Slimming World – What I Eat In A Day

    The way I get most of my ideas and motivation to stick with the Slimming World plan is seeing what others are eating. I have put together a quick and easy guide to what I eat in a day in the hope that I inspire others. 

    I am not perfect when it comes to following Slimming World… I have fallen off the waggon a number of times, tried other diet plans, put weight back on etc… But I do support Slimming World and I do always go back to it. I have lost and maintained 4 and a half stone and I know the plan inside out. Motivation comes from seeing others weight loss and what others are are eating. I for one can kill lot’s of the day flicking through Instagram looking at what everyone else is eating. 

    I have put together a day in the life of me… So, what did I eat in one day following Slimming World and still lost weight? 

    Remember this guide is 100% unofficial, all Syns must be checked using the Slimming World App or with your consultant. 


    2 x Tesco Wheat Biscuits (HEX-B)
    1 Sliced Banana
    200ml Milk (HEX-A)


    A handful of Red and Green grapes


    Baked potato, cooked in the slow cooker (Zero)
    1 Tin of Tuna in spring water, mixed with 2 tablespoons of Fat free greek style yoghurt and a pinch of salt (Zero)
    Steamed pickled beet root, mixed crunchy salad and a tomato (Speedy)
    30g Mature Cheddar Cheese, Underneath the tuna (HEX-A)
    Followed by an Apple 


    1 Orange Skinny Crunch Bar (3)
    I always need something on the school run, this hits the spot every time! These are available from Home bargains, B&M, Asda and Iceland. Usually 99p for 5 bars. 


    Homemade Cottage Pie following my own recipe. (Zero)
    Click here for the recipe
    I did have a side salad but I forgot to photograph it.
    Followed by Danone Light & Free (1)


    Hartleys Sugar Free Raspberry jelly (1/2)
    Grapes (Zero)
    4 x Mikado Sticks (1/2 Each)
    Chewits (1/2 Each)
    Skinny Chocaholic Snack Pot (5)


    TOTAL: 13.5 Syns
    1500 Calories

    My tips and info for a day on Slimming World

    • I don’t eat a lot of fruit.. I usually allow myself 1 banana per day and maybe 1 or 2 other pieces of fruit. I see some people literally munching fruit for every meal.. this is all well and good and fruit is low in calories but it is loaded full of sugar. 
    • I always eat my Healthy Extras but I do struggle… I am not a big lover of milk but I do enjoy my cheese! 
    • I never go above my Syn allowance.. apparently I am allowed 20 but I never go above 15.. But I don’t deprive myself! My whole day is about my evening snack plate!
    • I don’t eat after 7pm
    • I don’t drink a lot, water, squash and fizzy drinks (sugar free)

    For more tips check out: 113 UNOFFICIAL SLIMMING WORLD TIPS AND TRICKS


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    14 Responses

    1. Chris Bone says:

      Thanks really interesting as I like visuals you are a star

    2. Miss Emma L Harvey says:

      Thank you that looks like loads. I’m inspired now to keep on plan.

    3. Christine Wyndham-Woodroffe says:

      Thanks great idea. Very helpful but nearky 15 squid fir 5 Skinny Crunch bars …your link tonAmazon. 😱

      • Fatgirlskinny says:

        Agreed its not as cheap as B&M or Asda but some people can’t get to those stores and it is for 50 bars.. so not too bad. x

    4. Christine Arnold says:

      Seeing that has inspired me than

    5. Neil Barton says:

      Go to Iceland and buy the Slimming World chocolate, Salted Caramel & Mint Chocolate Bars much cheaper and really nice 👍

      • Fatgirlskinny says:

        I’ve never been a fan of HIFI bars.. I find them too sweet. But maybe I should give them a go again its been a while.
        However Skinny Crunch bars are only 99p for 5 in home bargains, b&m etc… hifi bars are pretty pricy at £2.25 for 6.

    6. Traci says:

      Love your posts and inspiration. Thanks.

    7. Carol Hayes says:

      I really love seeing what people eat so I can get lots of ideas for myself – sometimes I run out of ideas- I also love visuals – thank you

    8. Maureen Snape says:

      Back to basics.l think that’s the way forward for me.thank you inspired by your post

    9. Karen says:

      Thank you do much for your post. It has really motivated me to get back on the SW prog after putting on 3 stone when I went vegan.

    10. Lisa Nolan says:

      Thank you, like the idea of calorie counting as well as I’m struggling at the minute to shift any weight. Are all the skinny bars healthy extras do you know please ? X

    11. Debra Roberts says:

      Great to see pic’s of your day’s food inspiration to keep going and well done for this group you created really love your meals

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