1 Syn Curly Wurly Brownies | Slimming World Recipe

I think everyone who is on Slimming World is always craving a sweet chocolate treat. Well I can highly recommend these Curly Wurly Brownies. They are absolutely delicious and cut into 16 pieces this makes each section just 1 Syn. They make the perfect Easter treat or party food. Fab to take to your Slimming World meets too!

I always use this brilliant brownie tray from amazon here. It’s the perfect thickness for the brownies. Otherwise they tend to be a bit thin.

Servings: 16
Syns: 1 Syn Per Serving


3 Medium Eggs
50g Self raising flour (6 Syns)
Options caramel hot chocolate sachet (2 Syns)
2 Tsp Cocoa powder (1 Syn)
2 Tbsp of Sweetener
2 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
1 x 26g Curly Wurly (6 Syns)
2 Tbsp Quark
2 Tsp Water


  • Spray a Brownie tin with Frylight to avoid sticking and preheat your oven to 180c.
  • Sift the flour into a bowl, and mix together with the Options sachet, sweetener and cocoa.
  • Crack 3 eggs into a bowl and beat well. Add the eggs gradually to the flour mixture and beat well. Add water and vanilla extract.
  • Fold in the quark and then pour the mixture into the baking tray.
  • Break up the Curly Wurly into small pieces and add this to the mixture dotted about evenly.
  • Place in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
  • Leave to cool before slicing into 16 sections.

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  1. What size tin do you use please? I tried them but they came out like rubber. I think they got overbaked because the batter was too thin in the tin. Thanks.

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