Best Ever Slimming World Friendly Soup Recipes

If there is one thing I love about the cold winter weather (and there isn’t much honestly) it’s soup! Warming, filling, delicious, hot, tasty soup. I love the fact that soup can be so versatile.. it makes for a very low calorie lunch option, or serve with a big hunk of bread for dinner. However and whenever you choose to eat it, I have my best ever Slimming World friendly soup recipes here for your viewing. 

One of the positives about soup is how it is absolutely perfect for batch cooking. Cook up a huge portion and reheat from the fridge for almost a week. Or pop it in the freezer and reheat batches over the coming months. I find soup a great way to get hidden veggies into my two beautiful kiddos too! “Mmmm mummy, what’s in this?”….. “Errrm nothing son, just carrot, broccoli, potato, leek, cabbage and courgette” (like I would ever admit it).

Tips for making the perfect homemade soup

  • Because soup is so freezer friendly, I highly recommend always making a larger batch. Store portions for later, it will save you so much time in the future.
  • Season to taste.. it is always temping to throw in a big pinch of salt before cooking. But actually you should season at the end once you have tasted the soup. 
  • Only ever simmer your soup… never allow it to boil away!

1. Roasted Carrot Soup

Delicious creamy roasted carrot soup, perfect and filling when following trying to stay healthy and lose weight. Easy to make and suitable for freezing too. 

2. Pasta, Bean and Vegetable Soup

A warming bowl of this hearty, healthy pasta, bean and vegetable soup is filling enough for a main meal. This unofficial recipe is perfect for any one following Slimming World, Weight Watchers or a calorie controlled diet.

3. Cheese and Broccoli Soup

Rich, indulgent and creamy cheese and broccoli soup. This is so quick and easy to make with very minimal effort but makes a gorgeous filling meal at only 218 calories.

4. Leek and Potato Soup

This delicious leek and potato soup is SO rich and velvety, you won’t believe it’s Slimming friendly without any cream. But most importantly, you won’t believe how deeply satisfying, cosy and comforting it is.

5. Roasted Brussel Sprout Soup

This unofficial Slimming World friendly Roasted Brussel Sprout Soup is healthy, delicious and full of flavour. It is so quick and easy to make too.. do your kids hate sprouts? Mine do but they love this soup! Little weirdos… Give it a try! 

6. Red Cabbage and Potato Soup

This Red cabbage and potato soup is a  delicious and beautiful blend that’s also gluten-free. This creamy soup is a great option if you are planning to eat healthy by adding more colours to your diet. 

7. Spiced Pumpkin Soup

A Delicious Slimming friendly spiced pumpkin soup. A beautiful winter warmer perfect for all of the family and great for batch cooking too.

8. Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup

This quick and easy 7 ingredient carrot ginger soup is one of my favourite healthy recipes to warm up any Grey winter day. It’s creamy and refreshing but above all it’s a filling meal, full of veggies and so delicious! 

9. Creamy Pea and Mint Soup

A delicious take on an old classic, the pea and mint soup. Perfectly tasty, filling and Syn free when following the Slimming World plan.

10. Butternut Squash Soup

Served piping hot with a chunk of bread, this creamy, delicious butternut squash soup recipe is winter comfort food at its best. Syn Free when following the Slimming World plan this soup is the perfect lunch time filler.

Have you created any of these recipes?

Please let me know how it turned out! Leave a comment below or share a photo on Instagram tagging me at @fatgirlskinny__ and the hashtag #fatgirlskinny.

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